Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas letter home from Elder Line

Well this year was probably one of my favorite Christmas's that i have had. Despite being away from home and missing that good old Christmas feeling with family, my companion and I managed to make this Christmas a memorable one.
At the beginning of my mission, Aunt Kimi gave me $50 to help someone out in Italy. I didnt really know what I was going to use it for, so I just kept my eye out for the opportunity to use it.
Well the opportunity came during Christmas! So let me first introduce you to the two amazing guys that we helped out.
First there is Daniel. Daniel is an African that came from Ghana, and came to Italy during the Libya crisis. He is 20 years old and really good at soccer. He played on a team up in Rome, but because he didnt have all his documents he was kicked out and sent to Bari. He was found by missionaries just a couple of months ago and was converted. He is Living in a Carita's and is trying to find work. He wants to be able to join a soccer club, but because he is African they wont give him the time of day. We have been teaching him the after baptism and have really grown a good friendship with him!
Second there is Nickolas. Nickolas is an African that came to Italy during the Libya crisis. He is originally from Ghana and went to Libya to get a job so that he could afford money for his daughter to go to school. During the Libya crisis, his wife was killed. He was able to get his Daughter back to Ghana and he came to Italy so that he could continue to look for a job. He was living in a Carita's, which is a sort of camp that the Catholic Church has for all the Africans that are here. While in Italy, some missionaries found him and taught him the gospel and he was baptized. He doesn't have a job and sends whatever little money he has back to Ghana to his daughter. We have been teaching him the after baptism discussions the whole time i have been here, so we have become pretty good Friends.. not to mention he speaks English, and so do we, so it makes it a little easier. Just recently his time at the Carita's expired and he didnt have a place to stay so he was living on the streets.
As you can probably guess, these arent the ideal conditions for Christmas. We knew that they didnt have any Family and that they probably wouldnt get much of a Christmas. So we went to the Bishop and asked if the ward could help with food and maybe a place to sleep at night. The ward was a huge help in donating clothes and giving them lunches and food!
My companion and I wanted to give them a little more though, since after all it was Christmas and everyone deserves a good Christmas. So with the money that Kimi gave me, we went out and got them presents! We got Nickolace a watch and gave him a little extra cash that we had to send home to Ghana to his daughter. For Daniel we got him a soccer ball and a pump and needle. He didnt even have a soccer ball to practice with, and if I know anything about sports, it is hard to practice without the ball.
On Christmas Eve, we invited them to the church to eat dinner with us! We cooked some pasta and potatoes and had a Pandoro Cake (an Italian cake that is really good!!) Sadly Nickolace wasnt able to stay the whole time and so it ended up just being Daniel and us! It was fun, and we played some Foosball and I played some soccer with him on our basketball court/ soccer court, with his new ball! It kinda ended up becoming basketball cause i was sick of getting killed in soccer so i just started dribbling it and killed him in basketball! :) Anyways, it ended up being a great night, and one that I will forever remember.
Its times like these where I realize how truly blessed we are. I was very greatful for the opportunity i had to help make someone elses Christmas! Thank you all for your support and letters that I have received! It is a really good feeling when you get letters from people, so thank you all! I Hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope you have a great New Years! Dont party too hard!! :) Love you all,
Anziano Line

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25th 2013

Dear Family,
Mom, please tell everyone I love them! I got the letters from everyone! I absolutely loved them!  It’s nice getting letters… like you wouldn’t think how happy letters make you, but they do! So please tell everyone that I enjoyed them and thanks for the thoughts and words of encouragement!
Well we got our transfer calls and ... I am staying in Bari!!! YAY!! haha it actually is a good thing.. I am glad I will be with people i know for the holidays! Some missionaries have been in Bari way longer than me though! We have a sister who has been in Bari for 7 transfers. That is over half her mission in one city! And she will probably stay in Bari till she goes home. Another Elder ( the elder that Alyssa knows) Elder Peachey, just got transferred to Malta! That is really rare to go to Malta! Elders that go there have to learn a whole new language!
Well this week is Thanksgiving like I’m sure all of you know. In Italy, they have no idea what this holiday is. It’s too bad because they are missing out on some good food! We are still celebrating it with our English classes! They are graduating, and we will be eating an Italian thanksgiving feast!
SO I thought in the spirit of thanksgiving I would say a couple of things i am grateful for:
1. First and foremost, the gospel! The knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and a Savior that was willing to come to earth and die for us so that we could return!
2. A great Family! Extended and Immediate!
3. Amazing friends!
4. A great companion! (he is looking at my screen but I would still say it if he weren’t looking!)
5. My mission!
6. Food! Wow I love food! (yes mom I am actually cooking, and it is not gross!)
7. And lots of other things!!
Well that is all for now but i love you all and i hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!
-Anziano Line!
Love ya talk to ya next week!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 11th 2013

Dear family,
This week was quite an interesting week. We got a new bishop in our ward and i was told that it is extremely rare to get be in a ward when they get a new bishop. So i am sure that things will be kinda confusing for the next couple of weeks while they sort everything out. So this week have met with our three investigators. Needless to say we are not making much progress. It is very difficult to teach people that are very learned in the bible because they have such diverse opinions on scriptures and also there definitions are different. They are all great people but they seem to not understand how important religion is. A lot don't believe in Catholicism and know that there doctrine are wrong, but they have there own formed opinions on matters that just are way out there. It is hard to get them to understand stuff. One of the biggest things is baptism. they believe that there baptism is valid in the catholic church and when we bring up that it needs to be done the proper way and with the right authority they just blow it off and say god will understand. I made the effort to be baptized and that is good enough. 
On the bright side of things, we are working with one of our new converts, his name is Danial and he from Ghana! We are working with him so that he can go on a mission! It would be so cool if he was able to go on a mission! He is 20 years old and came here trying to find work so that he can send it home to his family. He is an awesome guy though and really loves the church! We are also teaching another African that is a recent convert and found out his story. He was arrested in Nigeria for possession of drugs and was sent to jail for 10 years. His wife was also in jail with him and she got sick and the guards overdosed her and killed her. He then escaped prison and went to Libya and from there he went to Italy. He found the church here and is a great member! He has a son at home and he does whatever he can for work and sends the money home. throughout all this he walks many miles to come to church! We have some pretty awesome people around us and i guess more than anything i am just grateful for all the things that i have and for all the opportunities that i have had in my life!
Well i hope all is well at home! It is getting cold here! But the work is going forward! Love yall
-Anziano line

Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28ths Letter

Dear Family,
This week was full of ups and downs. First, Our African that we committed to baptism last week disappeared... yes we have no idea where he is. He could be ignoring us or he could have gotten deported. We were kinda sad about that but we took it and carried on. We then got a call the next day from an Italian that wanted to take the lessons from us. It was extremely weird because Italians don't do that. So we met up with him and found out he is the principle stock holder of Monster Energy Drinks and is this super rich dude. It was interesting cause he spoke english and preferred the lessons in English. I felt like i could do something!!! I was actually able to explain things to him that He needed! I think God gives us Investigators that are fitted to where we are at! He is super excited about the church and more importantly the Book of Mormon and the restoration. When we first met him he told us all the things he found wrong with the catholic church and the things he thought a church should be and believe. Everything he said was almost our church to a tee..or T.. I'm not sure exactly which T it is... but whatever! HIs name is Antonio and hopefully he will get baptized! The other thing is he is a dietitian and doesn't drink or smoke and that is pretty rare in italy! Our other investigator is Carlos! He is an awesome old man that knows the church is true and wants so badly to get baptized but he just cant quit smoking! He has read through most of the Book of Mormon and loves our church! He even did a fast offering! So we are working with him so that he can stop! 
Well all is well here in Bari. It is still super hot! Thankfully we don't have to start wearing our jackets till like nov. 10. It is kinda nice not being fall. It is weird though cause it is almost november and it still seems like summer. But i am told that the weather changes very fast and will be very cold here soon. Well Love you all! Vi voglio bene! 
-Anziano Line

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Dear Family,
Well We got our first baptismal date!! His name is Good Luck and he is from Nigeria!! We got it actually like an hour ago... we sacrificed a p-day cause this was the only day we could do it. But it is all worth it and i would sacrifice every p-day if i got a baptism every week!! This week has been crazy!! After a fast that the work would progress, we end up getting 5 new investigators!! We taught more lessons than we have any other week and two investigators came to church!! The work is coming along!! It was so frustrating just doing hours and hours of finding but it pays off!! My trainer says this has been one of the busiest weeks he has had on the mission!! While waiting for a lesson with a new convert we ran into a guy that had been taught by the missionaries long ago but they left and the new ones never talked to him! He is super awesome and would like to get baptized but doesn't know what his family will think... so we are praying that will be sorted out! Well we are off to go celebrate the birthday of Nona Valenti! She is super old and awesome and basically famous around here! Love you all! The gospel is True!!

-anziano line!

October 14th (sorry its late)

Dear Family
Well its official!! I am 19! All the missionaries say i am a real missionary now. haha I guess so. Thanks for all the birthday wishes that I got on my birthday! Well transfer calls came this week and..... I am staying!! Haha Exciting no? Well I'm in Bari for another transfer with the same companion. I'm super excited cause we can continue our work together! Not that there is a lot of work... but there is enough! Last week we did a scambi (exchange) with some other elders and Anziano Barrow and I were together. Anziano Barrow is a greeny like me so just two verdini out trying to talk to people in italian. Let me tell ya it was not the most pretty finding you have ever seen but there was never a dull moment! We had a lesson with two africans that we brought a new convert member to come help us teach. The new converts name is Destiny and before we went we had him practice his testimony with us. He gave his basic testimony and it was just nice and simple and we told him that it would work great! So we get to the lesson and we start teaching these two africans, and Destiny and the two africans are from the same country and the same previous faith. It was perfect!!! We start into the lesson and it was just boom boom boom!! Spirit hitting them left and right and Destiny comes in and just gives this amazing testimony, not at all like the one he gave to us while we were walking there. It was amazing to see how the spirit works through people to give exactly what the investigators need to hear. Hopefully the two africans can really gain a knowledge of the truthfulness we talked about in our message to them! Later we found out that Destiny wasn't originally going to come with us. He had school he had to go to but it was canceled at the last second and he called us to see if we could teach him some Italian and that is how we were able to bring him there. Coincidence?? I think not!! Afterwords, destiny was just so happy, and he told us that he felt good sharing the gospel! I knew exactly what he was feeling cause i have felt it many times! I have a testimony of missionary work and that everyone can do it. he was baptized like 2 months ago and i felt his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel! The church is true! I know it, if it weren't i wouldn't be out here trying to convert these italians! :) I love the gospel! Well that's all for this week!
Anziano Line! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

4th week In Italy!

Dear family,
We had our first zone conference this week and it was a blast! So many new elders and sisters, it was crazy. It was nice because they held it in our church so we didn't have to go anywhere. All the other Anziani had to travel and get here. While the other anziani were here they had to do finding, so we pretty much got a ton of referrals. We went on a exchange, my companion and I, with the President and did some finding. It was a blast! Just two young guys and an old man walking around talking about Jesus! What could be better! We also had Stake conference and that was such a great experience! Although there were about as many people in our ward in American Fork, It was amazing to see all these saints gathered from all over Puglia! 
The work is going pretty slow and we had a bunch of eternal investigators (investigators that just wont get baptized or wont progress and have been taught for a long time). So me and my Companion decided we would drop them all and just start new. I wasn't sure what would happen but we had trust that we would be led to the right people. So we have really focused on finding this week and we have a ton of lessons and potential investigators that we have gotten. Hopefully we can make progress with them and get them baptized! 
Well I am so excited to watch general conference this week! I will be watching the morning session live here at like 6 or something. Then we get to watch 3 sessions on sunday and one on monday! It is really a cool thing and something that I have really taken for granted that we have a living Prophet and we get to hear his words! I just challenge you to really listen to his words and try to apply them to your life as best as you can! 
Love you all.
Ti Voglio Bene
-Anziano Line

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

3rd week in Italy!!!

Dear Family,
Well not much went on this week. My companion left me for 5 days and traveled to Sardegna to get his Permesso di segoirno (permission to live here basically). So i was with a bunch of other Anziani in their zones. I finally taught my first lesson! It was definitely not what i expected... first it wasn't with my companion, it was with other elders and i was in a trio with them. We taught in English because there investigator was African. And we taught the Word of Wisdom. It was awesome and he said he would commit to living it! Right now my companion and i don't have any investigators for ourselves. The work is really slow, especially in our area. But the good news is we have a couple of potential investigators and hopefully something will come of it. My Italian is getting better... very very very slowly, but getting better non-the-less. It is also difficult because they just shut our church down because they are going to remodel it and i will be gone by the time it is finished. So right now we are going to the closest Church which is a good 50 min walk for us. And we have to be at the church everyday, so pretty much we just walk all day. haha. We walk about 10-15 miles a day from all the walking we do. It keeps me in shape but is slightly annoying cause we could be doing other stuff with the time we do walking. I figure i don't have much to write about because of the slow week so i thought i would answer the questions Megan asked. So this is for you Meg! 
1.  My companions name is Anziano Juhasz.
2. He is from Preston Idaho. Yes we get along pretty good. He is a mechanic and worked up in Logan as one before the mission. He is blond so he sticks out here (not that wearing a white shirt and badge doesn't make you stick out anyways). 
3. Typical day in Bari- Wake up at 6:30- do work out. Study from 7 to 10, leave the apartment and go do something (finding, spaza (shopping for food), lessons). Return at 1:00 and begin Pronzo (pronzo is like siesta because here lunch is the main meal, so the streets are literally empty cause everyone is inside) Make lunch (usually pasta), then do language study and 12 week. Leave at 4 and go do missionary work! Usually for us it involves walking, passing by members, walking, English course (which is really awesome by the way), more walking, and then to finish it off, we walk home. We usually pick up a pizza or a panzorotti, cause they are everywhere! And cheap.... and good! so yep... that is pretty much it! Love y'all!
-Anziano Line

Saturday, September 21, 2013

2nd week!!! (Sorry it was a little late)

Hey Everyone!

Two weeks down!!! Well I am starting to get the hang of Missionary work. At least I think I am.. haha It is so awesome here. Missionary work is so cool, hard, fun, long, tiring, and pretty much any other emotion I can think of. It is so frustrating when you have lessons prepared for people and they drop you, but that moment when you can teach a lesson or someone does follow through with a commitment is amazing! Right now we are teaching a man that is just super awesome but is having a hard time seeing why he needs the gospel in his life. This is kinda the attitude that most Italians take to the gospel. But those that are able to feel of the spirit, that is when all the bad days and those frustrating hours of finding and being rejected are worth it. This week we attended a funeral of a recent converts grandpa who had died. The funeral was in a Cathedral and it was really interesting because as cool as the cathedral was and as great as the music was that the organ was playing, there just seemed to be something missing. The sisters in our district are teaching the mom of the recent convert. (it was her dad that died) Anyways, the convert, Gaetano is his name, asked us to share with his mom a scripture about death. We shared a scripture in Alma and instantly I could feel the spirit. It was the weirdest place to teach a little lesson, in a cathedral during a funeral... but it just goes to show that when you are testifying of truth and when someone needs comfort, the spirit will be there if you just invite it. As we read the scripture and explained more about the after life and that she would see her father again, you could just tell that she was feeling the spirit. Now I don't know if she will be baptized or if even in her mind that was a big deal, but for me it was just amazing to see the affects of the spirit. Once you are able to really pinpoint the promptings of the spirit, (and I'm not saying i have mastered it cause i still have tons of work to do) but once you feel it and realize that it is there, that is when you can receive personal revelation or feel that feeling of comfort. Gospel is True! I know it! I have had to many experiences with the spirit telling me that it is true. I invite anyone that is reading this, to just go throughout your day and try to feel the promptings of the spirit. Listen as you pray or read your scriptures. I promise that if you do this you can have your own witness of this gospel.
Well that's my little spiritual thought. I thought I might leave some cool pictures with you guys! Our P days could be the best P days in the world. We visited Citta Vecchia, and Polgniano (Polgniano is the prettiest city i think i have been in.)
Anyways, Love y'all!

Anziano Line

Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Letter from Italy!!!!! :)

CAIO Family!!! 
Well I dont know if you got my email but I tried sending one on wed when i first arrived but i didnt know your email mom so i think i sent it to the wrong one. Anyway, I made it!! My fist area is Bari, and my companions name is Elder Juhasz. WOW it is definity different here. This isnt my main email, just an email to let you know Im here and Im alive :) So I never thought culture shock was a real thing but let me tell you it is defintly a real thing. Im in a great area... it is newer than other cities. Its crazy though, it seems like it is just all apartment buildings. Everywhere!!! It is very hot here, and i even missed the super hot month so i cant imagine what it is like when it is super hot. I dont think there has been a moment when i havent been sweating. The food here is amazing!!!! Like you just eat the simplest things and it taste just soooo amazing! The fruit here taste like it is straight from heaven. Yes i even learned how to cook my first pasta dish! Everything is just amazing in Italy!! Other than the Jet lag, Im doing great! All you at home be greatful for the cleanliness of utah! haha, its really dirty here and smells not the best. If you are wondering, yes I have already had my stupid moment (in which i am sure there are many more to come) I was getting on a train and some guy helped me get my baggage on. I thought he was being nice. Once i was seated he came over to me and started yelling at me (everyone yells here when they speak, its quite funny) anyway, me not knowing what he was saying, I started to just nod my head and say si si! Well little did I know, he was asking for money because he helped me with my bags and i was telling him yes yes, but not doing anything about it. So im just sitting there while he is pointing at me and yelling at me and im super lost. I dont understand anything they say, this is not the language they taught me in the Mtc... (plus im in the south and they have an accent here, so it would be like learning british english and going to georgia or alabama or louisiana and trying to understand them. haha oh well you get used to it. anyway, luckily another elder came over and told the guy to leave me alone, so finnaly he did. So many more stories to come im sure, i have to give my testimony tommorow... hahaha so that should be interesting. Well I will write more on wed, that is our p-day. until then, my message for the day is be greatful for the little things, cause before you know it you are in a country that doesnt believe in toilet paper and you all of a sudden miss 'Merica! haha go badays! :( anyway,. sorry for all the miss spelled words, this is an italian computer so it is telling me all these words are miss spelled.. so yep! Love you all!!!  here are some pics so far... ( oh yea, we got to see the temple and the colloseum, they are super cool!) 
LOve yalll
-Anziano LIne

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Its official!! He is out!!!! Rome Here Elder Line comes!!

Elder Kyle Line has now left the MTC!!!!! He will be in Italy Rome by tomorrow morning!!!
Today we got to talk to him on the phone, before he left the airport from Washington DC! We are so proud of him! He is very good at speaking Italian! He is very excited to get to Rome! They say that 1/3 part of your mission is the first 4 days, another 1/3 is the rest of your time in the MTC, and the last 1/3 is your part out in the mission field! So Elder Line has only 1/3 left to go!!!! :) Can't wait to hear from him soon!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 4!!! Two more weeks!!!!

Wow! Time has gone by so fast!! We don't count Sunday's or Wednesday's (because those days go by super super fast) so we have 9 days left and I will be in ITALIA!!!! Io sono multa felice! It's crazy how fast the time goes by in the MTC!! You are just working constantly and it goes fast! Anyway, we had a touching experience as we did our TRC teaching... (members come in and we teach them a lesson in our language, it's pretty much like a home teaching session for 40 min). We had two guys, the first one was from Italy and 1. he sounded super awesome and I hope i sound like that! (I Love the language!! it's the prettiest language ever!!!) 2. We got him to tell us a story in English (there not supposed to break from italian, so this was pretty epic). He told us about experiences he had when someone would ask him a question and he would have no idea what to say but he would pray and instantly the answers and how to say the answers in a way they would understand and scriptures he never knew he knew would come to him! I thought it was soo cool! I know this is the true church because I have already felt that many times in my mission so far! for instance, our second time doing TRC we had an old man and it was our first 40 minute lesson in italian... ya and we found out we were going to do it that long 30 sec before we started..haha. so ya, me and my companion were freaking out, so we said a prayer and went in having faith. To make the experience even harder, we went in with a prepared message but we asked him at first if there was anything he wanted to talk about and he had something that was different than what we had prepared. So we had to take 40 min, talking about a subject that we didn't prepare for with a stranger we knew nothing about. So, yeah... we had to have faith at this point. haha :) I said a quick prayer in my heart and just started talking. My companion jumped in with experiences he had and i found scriptures that we used and it felt like 10 mins and i looked down and we had taking 50 min. Yep miracles happen!! The fact that we talked for 50 min, having a conversation with him and having him understand us and us understand him was probably one of the coolest experiences I've had here. 
Well, I'm glad to say that the zone is dong great! It's still weird being one of the youngest ones in the zone but having all these older kids look to you for leadership and advice. I love our zone!! We have some pretty amazing guys and it's to bad they arent all going to rome. I just hope ill get to catch up with them after! We are in the middle of intense Rome vs Milan sporting events. I dont want to brag or anything but, we played basketball against them yesterday and swept 3 games to nothing! ya... Rome Mission is the best! :)
Well thats all I got for this weekly letter. Language is coming along great! We are starting to go most of the day speaking it and trust me we dont do the language justice, but it is still fun! Well church is true there's work to do! 
Anziano Line

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3rd Letter From Anziano Line!!!! :)

Well I'm half way done!!!!!.... with the MTC that is. I'm still doing great! No, i am not fat if that's what you wondering. I have stayed my constant 185 that I have been at. Yes, I am extremely happy about that. An Anziano in my zone gained 16 lbs. while he has been in the MTC! It's quite funny actually, he got to 197 and he trying to go for 200 before he starts going back down. Haha! I'm having a great time here! Anziano Durham and I have been called to be the Zone Leaders of our zone! It's been quite the calling to say the least. We are over about 60 missionaries that are in our zone! No one knows how we got the calling, we thought we were flying under the radar, but nevertheless we got the call and we're grateful for the opportunity! It's funny to think that two kids fresh out of high school are leading a bunch of missionaries that are much older! Granted, there are a few missionaries our age, but mostly they are all 19-21. Our responsibility includes sitting up on the stands every Sunday and trying to help all the missionaries with their problems! haha So I'll let you know if our zone is doing in a week! Hopefully we prove to be good leaders! :)
Richard G. Scott came for our tuesday devotional last night! He was amazing! We were about 5 rows back so we were able to see him pretty good! He gave a great talk on prayer (i think he gave this talk in conference cause it sounded familiar) but it was awesome! He also gave an apostolic blessing to us and it was pretty amazing! He said something like this " I give you an apostolic blessing to all you missionaries learning languages, that you will have the gift of tongues and you will be able to learn your language to it's extent and in a quick manner"! I thought that was the coolest thing ever! I felt bad for those missionaries not learning a language cause they weren't really included but hey, they got it easy... they get out of here in two weeks and they don't have teachers talking to them in another language 24/7! Haha jkjk, all missions are hard! :) 
 I wish I had more to say but MTC is pretty much the same! Nothing much is going on. We are steadily increasing in Italian, I've already said many embarrassing stuff i was not aware of...for instance, I said I was the holy ghost. I didnt realize what i said until my investigator started poking me to see if I was real or not! :) I quickly realized what i said and we just all started laughing. We finally got to go to the temple today and I loved the new temple video! So yep, thats about the extent of my week! It safe to say I can't wait to get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I miss you guys tons! I can't wait to talk to you in three weeks! 
With much love,
Anziano Line

More Pictures

                                                             The Guys in His District
                                                                    The whole District

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Second Letter!!!!

Hello from the MTC!!
Well just like last week, this has been another eventful week!! Everyday my knowledge is growing in the gospel and in Italian!! It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish with the Lord in your side. Anziano Durham and I got our first baptism this week! :).... too bad he was a member all ready... and ultimatly became our main teacher. But hey, I feel like getting a member to get baptized again is a little harder than trying to get a none member baptized. haha! So we both celebrated that night with some well deserved Enya! Yes we broke the rules (cause you're not allowed to listen to any music here) but it's okay cause 30 sec into it we felt really bad and turned it off.
Other than getting our fist baptism, we can pretty much stumble our way through any lesson we want to teach now. I know for a fact that if it weren't for the spirit we wouldn't be able to communicate at all. Two weeks ago, if you would have told me i was going to teach lessons in italian with no notes and just the scriptures, i would have told you you are crazy! But hey all things are possible with God! 
This Sunday's devotional was an amazing one and made me miss music so much! Jenny Oaks Baker came and did the whole devotional herself about spiritual gifts. She would talk a bit and play a song. She is ridiculously amazing! Her kids are also amazing too. She had them play a song all together and there was a girl that was Kenna's age playing the cello and it made me miss my baby sister :).
I volunteered to teach my first full hour lesson, this time in english! Thank goodness! The missionaries here are so insightful that I barley even taught. It was probably one of the coolest sunday schools I have ever been in.
Anyway, the food is still the same and time is going by faster than ever! It's been two weeks but it feels like yesturday that I got dropped off. It's fun to see all the missionaries from AF. There are so many and all my roomates wonder how I know so many missionaries. Good choice Mom and Dad on the city to raise us in! Well that's all I have to report on!
Until Next week,
Anziano Line

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Letter Home From Elder Line!!!!

It's been quite the week. When we first got here we were in a meeting and they told us that there are 3 parts of your mission. a 1/3 is the first four days in the MTC, 1/3 is the rest of your time in the MTC, and 1/3 is the rest of your mission! Let me tell you how true that is! Everyone tells you to make it to sunday and you will be fine and how true that is! Anyways, I can't even begin to tell you how many great, spiritual, funny, tender, exciting moment I've had. The spirit is so strong in the MTC and you are constatnly feeling it's presence! Every couple of days we have devotionals, whether it's with the whole MTC or with just your district, and let me tell you, we have had some pretty amazing talks! Imagine the best talks at General Conference and double that and then some and that is what kind of talks we get here at the MTC! We watch movies on Sunday nights, (not real movies, like previous talks given in the MTC) and we watched Elder Bednar's talk he gave entitled "The Charachter of Christ" and it has officialy become the best talk that I have ever heard! I reccomend if you can find it to watch it cause it is seriously a life changer!
Anyways, my companion is great! His name is Anziano Durham and he is from holiday utah. He's a great guy and we have a good time with eachother. It was a little wierd to adjust to having someone with you at all times of the day, but you just get used to it to the point that it's weird not having him there with you.
The food is..... well i shouldnt complain but lets just say I have eaten more salads in the past week than i think i have ever eaten my whole life. Besides the food that does a number on your digestive system,there is unlimited choclolate milk!!!!!!!!!! this place is truly heaven on earth!! haha
Now the language... let me just say the gift of toungues is a real thing and I have witnessed it many times over the past week while me and my companion have taught our investigator! It's an amazing thing, I can be in class and not know how to say anything and then the moment we start teaching words and phrases just come and i can teach him. Anziano Durham is struggling a little with the language so i try to do a lot of the answering. now im not saying that when i speak it is perfect cause it is probabaly the worst Italian anyones heard, but its enough for our investigator to know what i am saying and enough to invite the spirit in and that is the most important thing cause it is really the spirit that teaches. But its amazing how far i have come in such a little time. Last wendsday i coudnt say anythjing in Italian but now i can pray in italian. and bear my testimony and have simple conversations. I can also understand pretty much all my teacher is saying which is pretty cool caus i thought that would be the hardest part, but it's not. Oh and my teacher is Fratello Dursch- Stuart Dursch, he is from American Fork and he says he knows megan, he went to school with her so i thought that was pretty cool.
My district is pretty awesome! and my zone is pretty awesome!! Our zone is comprised of Romanian missionaries and ITalian missionaries. IN our district we have four anziani (elders) and four sorrele (sisters). The sisters are pretty much all fluent in Italian and all of us elders have no idea whats going on... its pretty funny actually. But what we lack in language we make up for in spirit! We try hard... haha!
Anyways, we have already gotten use our preisthoood here. one of the sisters in our district got some bad news about the health of one of her family members and we were able to give her a blessing. Anziano Anderl gave the blessing and it was his first time doing so and let me tell you, the spirit was strong and he gave a beautiful blessing of comfort!
Well my time is almost up but my testimony has grown so much in just a short little time, and there is so much more i wish to tell you but i just dont have the time! But I just want you to know that God is always going to be there for us. He wants to help us. There have been so many times in the past week where i needed help or an answer and i  prayed and recieved it! God will always help us if we just ask him, and it is his will but we first have to ask!
Well I love you all and wish you all buona fortuna! give the Carters a hug for me and keep me updated on Andra!
Love you all!!
Anziano Line

Friday, July 26, 2013

Elder Line, has officially gone in the MTC!!!! We are so excited for him! can't wait for his first letter!!!!