Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Letter Home From Elder Line!!!!

It's been quite the week. When we first got here we were in a meeting and they told us that there are 3 parts of your mission. a 1/3 is the first four days in the MTC, 1/3 is the rest of your time in the MTC, and 1/3 is the rest of your mission! Let me tell you how true that is! Everyone tells you to make it to sunday and you will be fine and how true that is! Anyways, I can't even begin to tell you how many great, spiritual, funny, tender, exciting moment I've had. The spirit is so strong in the MTC and you are constatnly feeling it's presence! Every couple of days we have devotionals, whether it's with the whole MTC or with just your district, and let me tell you, we have had some pretty amazing talks! Imagine the best talks at General Conference and double that and then some and that is what kind of talks we get here at the MTC! We watch movies on Sunday nights, (not real movies, like previous talks given in the MTC) and we watched Elder Bednar's talk he gave entitled "The Charachter of Christ" and it has officialy become the best talk that I have ever heard! I reccomend if you can find it to watch it cause it is seriously a life changer!
Anyways, my companion is great! His name is Anziano Durham and he is from holiday utah. He's a great guy and we have a good time with eachother. It was a little wierd to adjust to having someone with you at all times of the day, but you just get used to it to the point that it's weird not having him there with you.
The food is..... well i shouldnt complain but lets just say I have eaten more salads in the past week than i think i have ever eaten my whole life. Besides the food that does a number on your digestive system,there is unlimited choclolate milk!!!!!!!!!! this place is truly heaven on earth!! haha
Now the language... let me just say the gift of toungues is a real thing and I have witnessed it many times over the past week while me and my companion have taught our investigator! It's an amazing thing, I can be in class and not know how to say anything and then the moment we start teaching words and phrases just come and i can teach him. Anziano Durham is struggling a little with the language so i try to do a lot of the answering. now im not saying that when i speak it is perfect cause it is probabaly the worst Italian anyones heard, but its enough for our investigator to know what i am saying and enough to invite the spirit in and that is the most important thing cause it is really the spirit that teaches. But its amazing how far i have come in such a little time. Last wendsday i coudnt say anythjing in Italian but now i can pray in italian. and bear my testimony and have simple conversations. I can also understand pretty much all my teacher is saying which is pretty cool caus i thought that would be the hardest part, but it's not. Oh and my teacher is Fratello Dursch- Stuart Dursch, he is from American Fork and he says he knows megan, he went to school with her so i thought that was pretty cool.
My district is pretty awesome! and my zone is pretty awesome!! Our zone is comprised of Romanian missionaries and ITalian missionaries. IN our district we have four anziani (elders) and four sorrele (sisters). The sisters are pretty much all fluent in Italian and all of us elders have no idea whats going on... its pretty funny actually. But what we lack in language we make up for in spirit! We try hard... haha!
Anyways, we have already gotten use our preisthoood here. one of the sisters in our district got some bad news about the health of one of her family members and we were able to give her a blessing. Anziano Anderl gave the blessing and it was his first time doing so and let me tell you, the spirit was strong and he gave a beautiful blessing of comfort!
Well my time is almost up but my testimony has grown so much in just a short little time, and there is so much more i wish to tell you but i just dont have the time! But I just want you to know that God is always going to be there for us. He wants to help us. There have been so many times in the past week where i needed help or an answer and i  prayed and recieved it! God will always help us if we just ask him, and it is his will but we first have to ask!
Well I love you all and wish you all buona fortuna! give the Carters a hug for me and keep me updated on Andra!
Love you all!!
Anziano Line

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