Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3rd Letter From Anziano Line!!!! :)

Well I'm half way done!!!!!.... with the MTC that is. I'm still doing great! No, i am not fat if that's what you wondering. I have stayed my constant 185 that I have been at. Yes, I am extremely happy about that. An Anziano in my zone gained 16 lbs. while he has been in the MTC! It's quite funny actually, he got to 197 and he trying to go for 200 before he starts going back down. Haha! I'm having a great time here! Anziano Durham and I have been called to be the Zone Leaders of our zone! It's been quite the calling to say the least. We are over about 60 missionaries that are in our zone! No one knows how we got the calling, we thought we were flying under the radar, but nevertheless we got the call and we're grateful for the opportunity! It's funny to think that two kids fresh out of high school are leading a bunch of missionaries that are much older! Granted, there are a few missionaries our age, but mostly they are all 19-21. Our responsibility includes sitting up on the stands every Sunday and trying to help all the missionaries with their problems! haha So I'll let you know if our zone is doing in a week! Hopefully we prove to be good leaders! :)
Richard G. Scott came for our tuesday devotional last night! He was amazing! We were about 5 rows back so we were able to see him pretty good! He gave a great talk on prayer (i think he gave this talk in conference cause it sounded familiar) but it was awesome! He also gave an apostolic blessing to us and it was pretty amazing! He said something like this " I give you an apostolic blessing to all you missionaries learning languages, that you will have the gift of tongues and you will be able to learn your language to it's extent and in a quick manner"! I thought that was the coolest thing ever! I felt bad for those missionaries not learning a language cause they weren't really included but hey, they got it easy... they get out of here in two weeks and they don't have teachers talking to them in another language 24/7! Haha jkjk, all missions are hard! :) 
 I wish I had more to say but MTC is pretty much the same! Nothing much is going on. We are steadily increasing in Italian, I've already said many embarrassing stuff i was not aware of...for instance, I said I was the holy ghost. I didnt realize what i said until my investigator started poking me to see if I was real or not! :) I quickly realized what i said and we just all started laughing. We finally got to go to the temple today and I loved the new temple video! So yep, thats about the extent of my week! It safe to say I can't wait to get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I miss you guys tons! I can't wait to talk to you in three weeks! 
With much love,
Anziano Line

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