Thursday, August 8, 2013

Second Letter!!!!

Hello from the MTC!!
Well just like last week, this has been another eventful week!! Everyday my knowledge is growing in the gospel and in Italian!! It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish with the Lord in your side. Anziano Durham and I got our first baptism this week! :).... too bad he was a member all ready... and ultimatly became our main teacher. But hey, I feel like getting a member to get baptized again is a little harder than trying to get a none member baptized. haha! So we both celebrated that night with some well deserved Enya! Yes we broke the rules (cause you're not allowed to listen to any music here) but it's okay cause 30 sec into it we felt really bad and turned it off.
Other than getting our fist baptism, we can pretty much stumble our way through any lesson we want to teach now. I know for a fact that if it weren't for the spirit we wouldn't be able to communicate at all. Two weeks ago, if you would have told me i was going to teach lessons in italian with no notes and just the scriptures, i would have told you you are crazy! But hey all things are possible with God! 
This Sunday's devotional was an amazing one and made me miss music so much! Jenny Oaks Baker came and did the whole devotional herself about spiritual gifts. She would talk a bit and play a song. She is ridiculously amazing! Her kids are also amazing too. She had them play a song all together and there was a girl that was Kenna's age playing the cello and it made me miss my baby sister :).
I volunteered to teach my first full hour lesson, this time in english! Thank goodness! The missionaries here are so insightful that I barley even taught. It was probably one of the coolest sunday schools I have ever been in.
Anyway, the food is still the same and time is going by faster than ever! It's been two weeks but it feels like yesturday that I got dropped off. It's fun to see all the missionaries from AF. There are so many and all my roomates wonder how I know so many missionaries. Good choice Mom and Dad on the city to raise us in! Well that's all I have to report on!
Until Next week,
Anziano Line

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