Wednesday, September 25, 2013

3rd week in Italy!!!

Dear Family,
Well not much went on this week. My companion left me for 5 days and traveled to Sardegna to get his Permesso di segoirno (permission to live here basically). So i was with a bunch of other Anziani in their zones. I finally taught my first lesson! It was definitely not what i expected... first it wasn't with my companion, it was with other elders and i was in a trio with them. We taught in English because there investigator was African. And we taught the Word of Wisdom. It was awesome and he said he would commit to living it! Right now my companion and i don't have any investigators for ourselves. The work is really slow, especially in our area. But the good news is we have a couple of potential investigators and hopefully something will come of it. My Italian is getting better... very very very slowly, but getting better non-the-less. It is also difficult because they just shut our church down because they are going to remodel it and i will be gone by the time it is finished. So right now we are going to the closest Church which is a good 50 min walk for us. And we have to be at the church everyday, so pretty much we just walk all day. haha. We walk about 10-15 miles a day from all the walking we do. It keeps me in shape but is slightly annoying cause we could be doing other stuff with the time we do walking. I figure i don't have much to write about because of the slow week so i thought i would answer the questions Megan asked. So this is for you Meg! 
1.  My companions name is Anziano Juhasz.
2. He is from Preston Idaho. Yes we get along pretty good. He is a mechanic and worked up in Logan as one before the mission. He is blond so he sticks out here (not that wearing a white shirt and badge doesn't make you stick out anyways). 
3. Typical day in Bari- Wake up at 6:30- do work out. Study from 7 to 10, leave the apartment and go do something (finding, spaza (shopping for food), lessons). Return at 1:00 and begin Pronzo (pronzo is like siesta because here lunch is the main meal, so the streets are literally empty cause everyone is inside) Make lunch (usually pasta), then do language study and 12 week. Leave at 4 and go do missionary work! Usually for us it involves walking, passing by members, walking, English course (which is really awesome by the way), more walking, and then to finish it off, we walk home. We usually pick up a pizza or a panzorotti, cause they are everywhere! And cheap.... and good! so yep... that is pretty much it! Love y'all!
-Anziano Line

Saturday, September 21, 2013

2nd week!!! (Sorry it was a little late)

Hey Everyone!

Two weeks down!!! Well I am starting to get the hang of Missionary work. At least I think I am.. haha It is so awesome here. Missionary work is so cool, hard, fun, long, tiring, and pretty much any other emotion I can think of. It is so frustrating when you have lessons prepared for people and they drop you, but that moment when you can teach a lesson or someone does follow through with a commitment is amazing! Right now we are teaching a man that is just super awesome but is having a hard time seeing why he needs the gospel in his life. This is kinda the attitude that most Italians take to the gospel. But those that are able to feel of the spirit, that is when all the bad days and those frustrating hours of finding and being rejected are worth it. This week we attended a funeral of a recent converts grandpa who had died. The funeral was in a Cathedral and it was really interesting because as cool as the cathedral was and as great as the music was that the organ was playing, there just seemed to be something missing. The sisters in our district are teaching the mom of the recent convert. (it was her dad that died) Anyways, the convert, Gaetano is his name, asked us to share with his mom a scripture about death. We shared a scripture in Alma and instantly I could feel the spirit. It was the weirdest place to teach a little lesson, in a cathedral during a funeral... but it just goes to show that when you are testifying of truth and when someone needs comfort, the spirit will be there if you just invite it. As we read the scripture and explained more about the after life and that she would see her father again, you could just tell that she was feeling the spirit. Now I don't know if she will be baptized or if even in her mind that was a big deal, but for me it was just amazing to see the affects of the spirit. Once you are able to really pinpoint the promptings of the spirit, (and I'm not saying i have mastered it cause i still have tons of work to do) but once you feel it and realize that it is there, that is when you can receive personal revelation or feel that feeling of comfort. Gospel is True! I know it! I have had to many experiences with the spirit telling me that it is true. I invite anyone that is reading this, to just go throughout your day and try to feel the promptings of the spirit. Listen as you pray or read your scriptures. I promise that if you do this you can have your own witness of this gospel.
Well that's my little spiritual thought. I thought I might leave some cool pictures with you guys! Our P days could be the best P days in the world. We visited Citta Vecchia, and Polgniano (Polgniano is the prettiest city i think i have been in.)
Anyways, Love y'all!

Anziano Line

Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Letter from Italy!!!!! :)

CAIO Family!!! 
Well I dont know if you got my email but I tried sending one on wed when i first arrived but i didnt know your email mom so i think i sent it to the wrong one. Anyway, I made it!! My fist area is Bari, and my companions name is Elder Juhasz. WOW it is definity different here. This isnt my main email, just an email to let you know Im here and Im alive :) So I never thought culture shock was a real thing but let me tell you it is defintly a real thing. Im in a great area... it is newer than other cities. Its crazy though, it seems like it is just all apartment buildings. Everywhere!!! It is very hot here, and i even missed the super hot month so i cant imagine what it is like when it is super hot. I dont think there has been a moment when i havent been sweating. The food here is amazing!!!! Like you just eat the simplest things and it taste just soooo amazing! The fruit here taste like it is straight from heaven. Yes i even learned how to cook my first pasta dish! Everything is just amazing in Italy!! Other than the Jet lag, Im doing great! All you at home be greatful for the cleanliness of utah! haha, its really dirty here and smells not the best. If you are wondering, yes I have already had my stupid moment (in which i am sure there are many more to come) I was getting on a train and some guy helped me get my baggage on. I thought he was being nice. Once i was seated he came over to me and started yelling at me (everyone yells here when they speak, its quite funny) anyway, me not knowing what he was saying, I started to just nod my head and say si si! Well little did I know, he was asking for money because he helped me with my bags and i was telling him yes yes, but not doing anything about it. So im just sitting there while he is pointing at me and yelling at me and im super lost. I dont understand anything they say, this is not the language they taught me in the Mtc... (plus im in the south and they have an accent here, so it would be like learning british english and going to georgia or alabama or louisiana and trying to understand them. haha oh well you get used to it. anyway, luckily another elder came over and told the guy to leave me alone, so finnaly he did. So many more stories to come im sure, i have to give my testimony tommorow... hahaha so that should be interesting. Well I will write more on wed, that is our p-day. until then, my message for the day is be greatful for the little things, cause before you know it you are in a country that doesnt believe in toilet paper and you all of a sudden miss 'Merica! haha go badays! :( anyway,. sorry for all the miss spelled words, this is an italian computer so it is telling me all these words are miss spelled.. so yep! Love you all!!!  here are some pics so far... ( oh yea, we got to see the temple and the colloseum, they are super cool!) 
LOve yalll
-Anziano LIne

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Its official!! He is out!!!! Rome Here Elder Line comes!!

Elder Kyle Line has now left the MTC!!!!! He will be in Italy Rome by tomorrow morning!!!
Today we got to talk to him on the phone, before he left the airport from Washington DC! We are so proud of him! He is very good at speaking Italian! He is very excited to get to Rome! They say that 1/3 part of your mission is the first 4 days, another 1/3 is the rest of your time in the MTC, and the last 1/3 is your part out in the mission field! So Elder Line has only 1/3 left to go!!!! :) Can't wait to hear from him soon!!!