Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Letter from Italy!!!!! :)

CAIO Family!!! 
Well I dont know if you got my email but I tried sending one on wed when i first arrived but i didnt know your email mom so i think i sent it to the wrong one. Anyway, I made it!! My fist area is Bari, and my companions name is Elder Juhasz. WOW it is definity different here. This isnt my main email, just an email to let you know Im here and Im alive :) So I never thought culture shock was a real thing but let me tell you it is defintly a real thing. Im in a great area... it is newer than other cities. Its crazy though, it seems like it is just all apartment buildings. Everywhere!!! It is very hot here, and i even missed the super hot month so i cant imagine what it is like when it is super hot. I dont think there has been a moment when i havent been sweating. The food here is amazing!!!! Like you just eat the simplest things and it taste just soooo amazing! The fruit here taste like it is straight from heaven. Yes i even learned how to cook my first pasta dish! Everything is just amazing in Italy!! Other than the Jet lag, Im doing great! All you at home be greatful for the cleanliness of utah! haha, its really dirty here and smells not the best. If you are wondering, yes I have already had my stupid moment (in which i am sure there are many more to come) I was getting on a train and some guy helped me get my baggage on. I thought he was being nice. Once i was seated he came over to me and started yelling at me (everyone yells here when they speak, its quite funny) anyway, me not knowing what he was saying, I started to just nod my head and say si si! Well little did I know, he was asking for money because he helped me with my bags and i was telling him yes yes, but not doing anything about it. So im just sitting there while he is pointing at me and yelling at me and im super lost. I dont understand anything they say, this is not the language they taught me in the Mtc... (plus im in the south and they have an accent here, so it would be like learning british english and going to georgia or alabama or louisiana and trying to understand them. haha oh well you get used to it. anyway, luckily another elder came over and told the guy to leave me alone, so finnaly he did. So many more stories to come im sure, i have to give my testimony tommorow... hahaha so that should be interesting. Well I will write more on wed, that is our p-day. until then, my message for the day is be greatful for the little things, cause before you know it you are in a country that doesnt believe in toilet paper and you all of a sudden miss 'Merica! haha go badays! :( anyway,. sorry for all the miss spelled words, this is an italian computer so it is telling me all these words are miss spelled.. so yep! Love you all!!!  here are some pics so far... ( oh yea, we got to see the temple and the colloseum, they are super cool!) 
LOve yalll
-Anziano LIne

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  1. Hi Kyle, grandma Line here:).
    I sure am enjoying your letters. And now you are out on your mission-wow. Sorry to know how hot it is (I hate hot weather)...but I'm sure it will get better soon. The missionaries around here are coming for dinner Thursday. They come and help Bill outside and teach him while they help him-ha. I tell them about you all the time and they always ask..."How is your grandson in Rome, Italy mission"? They think it is so cool. God bless you as you adjust to everything. I love you very much and you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I just finished making Sedgley's baby quilt and am going to send it to Andra tomorrow. I love making them for my family. When you return perhaps I'll make a nice plaid one for your college dorm room or something like that. Take and lots of blessings as you begin your mission. Love, Grandma Line:))))).