Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some of the pictures that Elder Line has sent!

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  1. Another great letter Kyle:))). I am loving reading your adventures. We sure didn't have to walk that far in some of the places we lived, but we sometimes drove 90 miles to our stake center when we lived in Butte, Montana where your dad was born. Other times ...about 15 miles to our ward builiding. Where we are now it is about a 38 mile round trip to our ward/stake building. Just wonderful pictures you are getting....oh the scenery. I can just about smell the pizza/italian food. Probably a good think you are walking that much so you can walk off all that fantastic pasta-ha!! The missionaries are coming over for conference next Saturday. They know we have BYU T.V. -- I think 4 might come. We always have snacks and quilts for all, just like we used to do when all 8 of our kids lived at home. Remember that even if you don't have much lined up at times, that you are *always* making a lasting impression on everyone you meet. I still remember the names of missionaries that we met when we were investigating. The ones that baptised grandpa Line and I were ..."Elder Murray and Elder Patterson." Well, I love you TONS and am so proud of you. Take care, be safe and be a "good egg". Love, Grandma Line