Sunday, October 6, 2013

4th week In Italy!

Dear family,
We had our first zone conference this week and it was a blast! So many new elders and sisters, it was crazy. It was nice because they held it in our church so we didn't have to go anywhere. All the other Anziani had to travel and get here. While the other anziani were here they had to do finding, so we pretty much got a ton of referrals. We went on a exchange, my companion and I, with the President and did some finding. It was a blast! Just two young guys and an old man walking around talking about Jesus! What could be better! We also had Stake conference and that was such a great experience! Although there were about as many people in our ward in American Fork, It was amazing to see all these saints gathered from all over Puglia! 
The work is going pretty slow and we had a bunch of eternal investigators (investigators that just wont get baptized or wont progress and have been taught for a long time). So me and my Companion decided we would drop them all and just start new. I wasn't sure what would happen but we had trust that we would be led to the right people. So we have really focused on finding this week and we have a ton of lessons and potential investigators that we have gotten. Hopefully we can make progress with them and get them baptized! 
Well I am so excited to watch general conference this week! I will be watching the morning session live here at like 6 or something. Then we get to watch 3 sessions on sunday and one on monday! It is really a cool thing and something that I have really taken for granted that we have a living Prophet and we get to hear his words! I just challenge you to really listen to his words and try to apply them to your life as best as you can! 
Love you all.
Ti Voglio Bene
-Anziano Line


  1. Hello Elder Line!

    Love reading your posts! Specially, love reading about how you are able to work with the Spirit, how it guides you, and how it makes every experience profitable, if not for the investigator then at least for the strengthening of your testimony. We think of you often and pray that our Father's blessing be upon you and your companion.


    Jose & Kelly Valle

  2. Dear Elder Line,
    I love reading your letters. I look forward to reading them each week. You amaze me:). We had 4 missionaries over for conference last weekend. They came at 9:00 a.m. to help Bill move some piles of brush piles and then we ate a big lunch of fried chicken, hot homemade bread and strawberry shortcake. Boy were they hungry! Many sets of missionaries have been teaching Bill for many years. He has nothing but good things to say about the church, but so far no conversion. I guess he is almost an "Eternal Investigator"...ha. Keep up the good work...I'm proud of you and love you muich.

    Love, Grandma Line