Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 14th (sorry its late)

Dear Family
Well its official!! I am 19! All the missionaries say i am a real missionary now. haha I guess so. Thanks for all the birthday wishes that I got on my birthday! Well transfer calls came this week and..... I am staying!! Haha Exciting no? Well I'm in Bari for another transfer with the same companion. I'm super excited cause we can continue our work together! Not that there is a lot of work... but there is enough! Last week we did a scambi (exchange) with some other elders and Anziano Barrow and I were together. Anziano Barrow is a greeny like me so just two verdini out trying to talk to people in italian. Let me tell ya it was not the most pretty finding you have ever seen but there was never a dull moment! We had a lesson with two africans that we brought a new convert member to come help us teach. The new converts name is Destiny and before we went we had him practice his testimony with us. He gave his basic testimony and it was just nice and simple and we told him that it would work great! So we get to the lesson and we start teaching these two africans, and Destiny and the two africans are from the same country and the same previous faith. It was perfect!!! We start into the lesson and it was just boom boom boom!! Spirit hitting them left and right and Destiny comes in and just gives this amazing testimony, not at all like the one he gave to us while we were walking there. It was amazing to see how the spirit works through people to give exactly what the investigators need to hear. Hopefully the two africans can really gain a knowledge of the truthfulness we talked about in our message to them! Later we found out that Destiny wasn't originally going to come with us. He had school he had to go to but it was canceled at the last second and he called us to see if we could teach him some Italian and that is how we were able to bring him there. Coincidence?? I think not!! Afterwords, destiny was just so happy, and he told us that he felt good sharing the gospel! I knew exactly what he was feeling cause i have felt it many times! I have a testimony of missionary work and that everyone can do it. he was baptized like 2 months ago and i felt his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel! The church is true! I know it, if it weren't i wouldn't be out here trying to convert these italians! :) I love the gospel! Well that's all for this week!
Anziano Line! 

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  1. Hi Kyle,
    You make this grandma happy each time I read a letter from you. I hope you can see my response. Sure proud of you and all you are doing. I will tell you of my conversion story when you return. Or....maybe just write it down for you soon. I think I might have told a little about it at your mom and Dad's once...but not sure. So thankful for a wonderful grandson who loves the Lord and the gospel. Happy Birthday !!!! Geez...you sure are getting old-hahahahaha. Love, Grandma Line