Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25th 2013

Dear Family,
Mom, please tell everyone I love them! I got the letters from everyone! I absolutely loved them!  It’s nice getting letters… like you wouldn’t think how happy letters make you, but they do! So please tell everyone that I enjoyed them and thanks for the thoughts and words of encouragement!
Well we got our transfer calls and ... I am staying in Bari!!! YAY!! haha it actually is a good thing.. I am glad I will be with people i know for the holidays! Some missionaries have been in Bari way longer than me though! We have a sister who has been in Bari for 7 transfers. That is over half her mission in one city! And she will probably stay in Bari till she goes home. Another Elder ( the elder that Alyssa knows) Elder Peachey, just got transferred to Malta! That is really rare to go to Malta! Elders that go there have to learn a whole new language!
Well this week is Thanksgiving like I’m sure all of you know. In Italy, they have no idea what this holiday is. It’s too bad because they are missing out on some good food! We are still celebrating it with our English classes! They are graduating, and we will be eating an Italian thanksgiving feast!
SO I thought in the spirit of thanksgiving I would say a couple of things i am grateful for:
1. First and foremost, the gospel! The knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and a Savior that was willing to come to earth and die for us so that we could return!
2. A great Family! Extended and Immediate!
3. Amazing friends!
4. A great companion! (he is looking at my screen but I would still say it if he weren’t looking!)
5. My mission!
6. Food! Wow I love food! (yes mom I am actually cooking, and it is not gross!)
7. And lots of other things!!
Well that is all for now but i love you all and i hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!
-Anziano Line!
Love ya talk to ya next week!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 11th 2013

Dear family,
This week was quite an interesting week. We got a new bishop in our ward and i was told that it is extremely rare to get be in a ward when they get a new bishop. So i am sure that things will be kinda confusing for the next couple of weeks while they sort everything out. So this week have met with our three investigators. Needless to say we are not making much progress. It is very difficult to teach people that are very learned in the bible because they have such diverse opinions on scriptures and also there definitions are different. They are all great people but they seem to not understand how important religion is. A lot don't believe in Catholicism and know that there doctrine are wrong, but they have there own formed opinions on matters that just are way out there. It is hard to get them to understand stuff. One of the biggest things is baptism. they believe that there baptism is valid in the catholic church and when we bring up that it needs to be done the proper way and with the right authority they just blow it off and say god will understand. I made the effort to be baptized and that is good enough. 
On the bright side of things, we are working with one of our new converts, his name is Danial and he from Ghana! We are working with him so that he can go on a mission! It would be so cool if he was able to go on a mission! He is 20 years old and came here trying to find work so that he can send it home to his family. He is an awesome guy though and really loves the church! We are also teaching another African that is a recent convert and found out his story. He was arrested in Nigeria for possession of drugs and was sent to jail for 10 years. His wife was also in jail with him and she got sick and the guards overdosed her and killed her. He then escaped prison and went to Libya and from there he went to Italy. He found the church here and is a great member! He has a son at home and he does whatever he can for work and sends the money home. throughout all this he walks many miles to come to church! We have some pretty awesome people around us and i guess more than anything i am just grateful for all the things that i have and for all the opportunities that i have had in my life!
Well i hope all is well at home! It is getting cold here! But the work is going forward! Love yall
-Anziano line

Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28ths Letter

Dear Family,
This week was full of ups and downs. First, Our African that we committed to baptism last week disappeared... yes we have no idea where he is. He could be ignoring us or he could have gotten deported. We were kinda sad about that but we took it and carried on. We then got a call the next day from an Italian that wanted to take the lessons from us. It was extremely weird because Italians don't do that. So we met up with him and found out he is the principle stock holder of Monster Energy Drinks and is this super rich dude. It was interesting cause he spoke english and preferred the lessons in English. I felt like i could do something!!! I was actually able to explain things to him that He needed! I think God gives us Investigators that are fitted to where we are at! He is super excited about the church and more importantly the Book of Mormon and the restoration. When we first met him he told us all the things he found wrong with the catholic church and the things he thought a church should be and believe. Everything he said was almost our church to a tee..or T.. I'm not sure exactly which T it is... but whatever! HIs name is Antonio and hopefully he will get baptized! The other thing is he is a dietitian and doesn't drink or smoke and that is pretty rare in italy! Our other investigator is Carlos! He is an awesome old man that knows the church is true and wants so badly to get baptized but he just cant quit smoking! He has read through most of the Book of Mormon and loves our church! He even did a fast offering! So we are working with him so that he can stop! 
Well all is well here in Bari. It is still super hot! Thankfully we don't have to start wearing our jackets till like nov. 10. It is kinda nice not being fall. It is weird though cause it is almost november and it still seems like summer. But i am told that the weather changes very fast and will be very cold here soon. Well Love you all! Vi voglio bene! 
-Anziano Line