Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 11th 2013

Dear family,
This week was quite an interesting week. We got a new bishop in our ward and i was told that it is extremely rare to get be in a ward when they get a new bishop. So i am sure that things will be kinda confusing for the next couple of weeks while they sort everything out. So this week have met with our three investigators. Needless to say we are not making much progress. It is very difficult to teach people that are very learned in the bible because they have such diverse opinions on scriptures and also there definitions are different. They are all great people but they seem to not understand how important religion is. A lot don't believe in Catholicism and know that there doctrine are wrong, but they have there own formed opinions on matters that just are way out there. It is hard to get them to understand stuff. One of the biggest things is baptism. they believe that there baptism is valid in the catholic church and when we bring up that it needs to be done the proper way and with the right authority they just blow it off and say god will understand. I made the effort to be baptized and that is good enough. 
On the bright side of things, we are working with one of our new converts, his name is Danial and he from Ghana! We are working with him so that he can go on a mission! It would be so cool if he was able to go on a mission! He is 20 years old and came here trying to find work so that he can send it home to his family. He is an awesome guy though and really loves the church! We are also teaching another African that is a recent convert and found out his story. He was arrested in Nigeria for possession of drugs and was sent to jail for 10 years. His wife was also in jail with him and she got sick and the guards overdosed her and killed her. He then escaped prison and went to Libya and from there he went to Italy. He found the church here and is a great member! He has a son at home and he does whatever he can for work and sends the money home. throughout all this he walks many miles to come to church! We have some pretty awesome people around us and i guess more than anything i am just grateful for all the things that i have and for all the opportunities that i have had in my life!
Well i hope all is well at home! It is getting cold here! But the work is going forward! Love yall
-Anziano line

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