Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25th 2013

Dear Family,
Mom, please tell everyone I love them! I got the letters from everyone! I absolutely loved them!  It’s nice getting letters… like you wouldn’t think how happy letters make you, but they do! So please tell everyone that I enjoyed them and thanks for the thoughts and words of encouragement!
Well we got our transfer calls and ... I am staying in Bari!!! YAY!! haha it actually is a good thing.. I am glad I will be with people i know for the holidays! Some missionaries have been in Bari way longer than me though! We have a sister who has been in Bari for 7 transfers. That is over half her mission in one city! And she will probably stay in Bari till she goes home. Another Elder ( the elder that Alyssa knows) Elder Peachey, just got transferred to Malta! That is really rare to go to Malta! Elders that go there have to learn a whole new language!
Well this week is Thanksgiving like I’m sure all of you know. In Italy, they have no idea what this holiday is. It’s too bad because they are missing out on some good food! We are still celebrating it with our English classes! They are graduating, and we will be eating an Italian thanksgiving feast!
SO I thought in the spirit of thanksgiving I would say a couple of things i am grateful for:
1. First and foremost, the gospel! The knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and a Savior that was willing to come to earth and die for us so that we could return!
2. A great Family! Extended and Immediate!
3. Amazing friends!
4. A great companion! (he is looking at my screen but I would still say it if he weren’t looking!)
5. My mission!
6. Food! Wow I love food! (yes mom I am actually cooking, and it is not gross!)
7. And lots of other things!!
Well that is all for now but i love you all and i hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!
-Anziano Line!
Love ya talk to ya next week!

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