Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 26

Dear Family
Well this week has been a great week! It was transfer week and Anziano Birberg and I are really happy to stay the same! We have great work right now and it would be great if we can see it through to the end! He has one more transfer after this and we are hoping to stay together for Christmas!
Speaking of our work, this week we will have another baptism! After a couple of lessons to make sure he was ready, Ike will be baptizedthis Saturday! We are very excited.
We are teaching 3 more investigators who have baptism potential! It’s amazing here because the members in Palermo 3 are getting so into the work and helping us. Our lessons with members are going up because of them and it creates such a bond with the investigators and the members that after they are baptized they have a support group! The funny thing is there are so many men in the branch that they are telling them almost every week to get married! :) This branch has the highest percentage of men to women in Italy… haha
Our next closest investigator to baptism is Stanley. He has been coming to church for the past 4 weeks! He likes our church and just wants to make sure he has a testimony of it. We have really been emphasizing the Book of Mormon with all of our investigators this past week. We know that they will have a strong testimony if they keep to it!
Well I hope you all have a great Halloween!!! Love y'all!   -Anziano Line

October 19, 2014

Dear Family!
Well this week was a great week. This upcoming week we receive transfer calls. I am sure that I am staying here in Palermo. I am hoping that my comp stays with me! We have really good work and we want to see it through to the end with each other. Plus he is just an awesome guy! Birbergs his name and he’s my Swedish buddy :) 
Anyway, as I was saying, our work is doing really good! We had a baptism last week. His name is Gift Ibrudhabor. He is from Nigeria and is awesome! We go over to his house to do lessons and every time we can feel the spirit so strongly. Also every time he gives us a soda and fried plantain chips to eat… which is actually my favorite snack food now! :) The baptism went very well… usually you are kinda scared about things going wrong, but it all went smoothly. 
We have a couple of other investigators right now. Ike is our closest to being baptized.   He should be baptized in a couple of weeks. We are teaching a couple of others also that are very close. It’s so interesting to see how the work is in this branch compared to other places I have been. The members in this branch share the gospel like you wouldn’t believe. They bring their friends to church and present them to us. I love working with these members because they help along the whole process until baptism! It really helps the work when the members are willing to help. 
Yesterday we had lunch at a member’s house. They prepared us a typical African dish. It is called FuFu... I honestly have no idea how to describe it... go look at pics or something…it’s like a paste… anyway, it was really good! and spicy! haha 
Well my comp is wanting to go to BYU and so he has to take an English test because he is a foreigner. Anyway, we went to this English school, and I sat there watching BBC news for 5 hours while he did the test… haha, it was really weird…and all these Brits around me talking English… I felt so uncivilized with my American accent.. haha :) Anyway, that was my funny moment this week. 
Palermo is awesome!! I love it. The food is great and the people are pretty good! I hope I get to stay here for a while! I heard that it is really cool at Christmas time so I hope to stay till then! 
Well I love you all! Have a great week!   -Anziano Line 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Family
Well this week has been a really long week! haha Anziano Mcintyre is gone now. Kinda weird being back in a duo.  Well this week was a week full of goodbyes as Anziano Mcintyre said goodbye to all the members. It was also a good excuse to see most of our investigators also. So we were able to see most of them.
Giani, who is the excommunicated member is doing great! He is continuing to come to church and has been accepted by the members and might even be dating one..haha, But we are continuing to teach him the lessons under the direction of our Branch President.
Donatella, who is the in active member that has a family is doing good. We are going to try to hold an activity so that she will come because otherwise, she wont come to church. We want to get her connected to the members in the ward.
A tiny miracle this week- we saw Pietro this week. We went into his store and it seemed kind of odd. It seemed as if, this is my interpretation, that he had heard something about Mormons and was not very open to us. Then all of a sudden, two people came into his store that we knew. They talked about how nice Mormons were and that we do service and i could tell that his mood was brightening back up and after he was excited to talk to us. I am excited to start the lessons with him. Right now we are trying to get him to see the differences from our church and the catholic church.
Well transfers were this week and i am saying along with Elder Di Donato. We didn't think there was going to be much of a change. But we are just trying to get along through this summer! We moved all our furniture and beds into the one room with AC so we can stay nice and cool during the summer! I didn't have Ac last year in Bari so this is nice this year! haha. Welll I hope all is going well at home! Love ya guys! Enjoy these last couple weeks before school! :) 
 Anziano Line

July 28, 2014

 Dear family!
Well this week was a great week for us in Cosenza! We had a great scambi with the Zone Leaders and we were able to get a lot of good work done. Probably the highlight was we found a great family! We have been there twice now and we are teaching them and they are a very gospel oriented family. They have 5 kids also, so we are hoping for the best! They are very Catholic but i sense that they are willing and open to other religions. I am excited to get them oriented with the members and the sister missionaries! Our next step with them is to get them to church.
Our less active work is going decently well. We are working with a less active named Donatella and she has a family that is really awesome! So we would like to get her reactivated and baptize the rest of the family!
We are also working with a ex- communicated member. He is awesome and ready to come back. His name is Giani and he was excommunicated for something really strange. But he has been coming to church and coming to all the activities. The best part is he is the brother in law to an investigator of the sisters. So it could be a huge help if he is baptized!
I am excited about the work here in Cosenza! I am excited for this next transfer!
Right now we are in crotone, a city in our zone doing a baptismal interview, and then tonight we are playing paintball with the branch. It is a branch activity and we are playing with them! I am excited! 
This week in church, Anziano Mcintyre and I gave talks. I talked about knowledge, and how we can develop it! It was pretty good! :) haha We also sang a song in sacrament meeting as missionaries. We sang I know My Redeemer lives. It was a beautiful arrangement! We made a couple people cry. I thought about that.. it was the first time someone cried with me singing! I felt pretty good about that! hahaha :) Hopefully she was crying because she felt the spirit.. and not that we were that horrible.. :) 
Well I love y'all, hope all is going good there! Have a great week! 
Anziano Line

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sorry guys its been a while since Elder Line has written. He Has been Super Busy!! So keep writing him and incourage him to write more for the blog!! Thanks Guys!!

May 26th 2014

Dear Family
Well this week was a little bit of a slow week. It was pretty hot her.. and humid so it adds to it. And we did a lot of finding. So finding+ hotness = not very fun... But its always fun when you find someone willing to talk to you. Italians are the nicest people on the planet. They are soo outgoing. It is almost to much, how out going they are. Here in Napoli, they love Yelling. (your classic Italian like the bippidi bup bop kinda guys you see in movies are based off of Napoli people) There is a man that we see every morning that we have to yell at in the morning! Its the funniest thing ever... his name is Giulio. I am pretty sure he is Nazi and a Mussolini supporter.. but he loves Americans and has a WWII jeep. he is pretty funny... he also has a couple of Porsche's and a Ferrari.. but his favorite car.. the fiat 500. haha Well Italy is awesome! We went to a Cathedral for p-day last week that apparently has the bones of St. Mathews.... but so do lots of other cathedrals in Italy.. so who really has them.. BO? no one knows. :) But it was cool anyway. Well that is my update on Italy..ill send some pics! Well love y'all! GO read the scriptures... they will help you every day! 
-anziano line

May 19 2014

Dear Family,
Well here's another weird companion connection for you guys. So my comp is Anziano Sorenson. He lives down the hill as if you were going to the Wrights house.. his house is on that hill. Also speaking of the wrights... He has kissed Courtney (my cousin on the Wright side)! hahaha... i just busted up laughing when i heard that!!! He was in Music Man (if you guys remember that play that she was in), and he was the anvil salesman that she kisses to make him shut up!!! hahaha So I thought that was kinda funny... and there's just a lot of other little connections that we have made and people we know... but funny right!!?? 
Anyway, hes great and we are having a good time! Batti is still alive! Its kinda stressful taking over an area.. especially one with so many contacts and potentials that you have to remember.. but we are doing good! The  future looks great for this transfer!! This month looks like it will be a baptism record for the mission. We set the record two months ago for this mission at 28 in a month. And this month looks like we might reach our goal of 40 (which when President set the goal, seemed impossible) so we are working hard to get it! But that is a little miracle in it of itself! 
Well funny story of the week!.
We did a lesson with a less active yesterday, and we decided to watch a clip of a talk, and he totally fell asleep... and we turned the TV off and just continued to sleep... so we just sat there trying not to laugh... so i guess we wont be watching any clips anymore.. :) 
Well love y'all! Hope you have a good week! 
- ANziano Line

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 22nd Letter

Dear Family,
Well this was a fun week! We had an activity in church yesterday and it went really well! We had a lot of our potential investigators and investigators come to the activity. It was an all day Pasquetta party and it was really fun! It was good to see the members interact with the non members! We played lots of games like ping pong, Foosball, and human battleship... you play with water balloons and a you launch them over a "wall" and try to hit the people laying on the ground. it was a lot of fun and it just turned into people grabbing the balloons and throwing them at each other! Our district is trying to do a week only in Italian! its pretty difficult but its also really fun! haha needless to say i carry a dictionary with me everywhere i go now :)

Well this week, like I said, was hard for us to meet with our investigators. But we were able to meet with Anita, and the first lesson we had with her in the week went great! We planned a great Plan of Salvation lesson, a lesson that allowed us to personally share why we are grateful for the plan, and to get her looking in the perspective of eternity. We had a great lesson! We had her draw herself the plan on the board and she loved it and expressed feelings of gratefulness. We asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes, this is huge because we haven't been able to get her to say yes. Now the problem part... Whenever she feels the spirit really strongly, she tends to feel sick. I don't know why it is like this, but it happens a lot that she will feel sick after a lesson. After we finished our lesson she was standing up and she fainted and started having seizures, so we hurried and gave her a blessing and called Anziano Scherbal to come help. So this is our dilemma, we want to have these great spiritual lessons with her, but every time we do she ends up having some sort of physical reaction. We are not sure what to do, cause we don't want to hurt her, and this has happened many times throughout the lessons that she will feel sick. So any Ideas?

April 14th Letter

Dear Family...
Well this week was an interesting week. Full of lots of finding and helping old men try to quit smoking. haha We are working with 2 old men that are trying to quit smoking! We just barley started the program, so we will see how it goes and I will give you an update next week. 
Our investigators are doing great! they are pretty much at the same spot as they were at the last week. It has been really busy with Easter this past week and Palm Sunday. I don't remember if we recognize Palm Sunday, but its huge here! They all buy olive branches for each other. Secondo me, its just a way to get money out of branches.. haha :) Nevertheless its a great honor to be given a olive branch. We only got one.. so i guess that is how honorary we are :) And also maybe the fact that we are two strange ragazzi from america.. haha 
Well this week I had my record for most lunches at someones house. We only ate at our house 2 this week... I consider this to be a great success because:
1. Italians are much better cooks than us..
2. The food is great when Italians make it
3. Italian food is great! 
So as you can see, there are great advantages to not eating at our house. I guess also, its a great way to share the gospel. haha Okay actually that is the main reason, not for the food. We have some great potential investigators coming on the horizon! We just need to make them investigators! Anyway, I made up a riddle this week and i am pretty proud of it. here it is.. give it a try and respond back:
When you open me, you close me. When you close me, you open me. What am i? 
Well that is my riddle! Gospels true! Unlike the riddle, its not hard to figure out, its plain and beautiful! ( unless the riddle is easy, then don't compare them(: ) We just have to know how to find the answers. Prayer is a powerful tool and can help us in any moment we need it! I thankful we have a Heavenly Father who is always there for us, and wants to hear and help us! I hope you all have a great week! Happy Easter
-Anziano Line

Sunday, April 27, 2014

april 14

Dear Family,
Well this week was kind of a drag. Not much happened this week as far as investigators. It is really hard to meet with most of our investigators. But we do the best we can. Jr still is coming to church! He is just a little miracle from God! And Anita is slowly taking down her wall.... all investigators have to get around a wall basically... some can crush it, others can climb over it.. and then there is Anita.. who takes it down.. brick by brick. But its all good... we love her and she is coming along! We met a strange guy named Carlo... we aren't sure if he is mafia or what... but either way, some good story is going to come out of this! So if i go missing next week for some reason.. just know i love you all! hahah
Well we went to Reggia today... for all you history buffs... this is the huge palace that was built to verse Versailles. the huge one up in France... and yes it is huge. so i will send pics. 
Well i am excited for Conference! I hope you all are too! Love y'all! I will write a better letter next week! haha 
Anziano Line 

Monday, March 24, 2014

3rd week of march

Dear Family! 
Well this week has been another great week! I cant believe we are on the flip side of March... time is going by so fast! Sometimes i catch myself when something isn't going the best or it was a hard day, and i think... Hey, I am in Italy, on a mission... what could be better! Well a little update on the work-
Well our work is going good! Our numbers this week were a little better than they have been! So overall it wasn't too bad of a week. Our work right now is still slow, but i can feel it ready to explode any second. Update on Junior. Well he came again to church this week. He has come for three weeks in a row and we still ha vent made him an investigator. He is awesome but he is so hard to meet with! I explained the situation in my last email, but anyways, there is a member in our ward that is friends with his family, and she just got back from vacation. So we talked to her and she said that she will help us get into the house to meet with him. He is Golden! We just have to be patient. We even heard from the member that the mom passed by his room and saw him reading the Book of Mormon and it made his mom really happy! So I think the parents should be on board, and ultimately, the goal is to teach his whole family.
Well our other Investigator that is still going strong is Anita. Anita is still having trouble accepting that God is a loving father in heaven. She has had a lot of traumatic experiences in her life that have made her believe this. We are helping her to see that we have a father that loves us very much, and that bad things don't happen because he wants to punish us, but happen because of the decisions of man. She ended up telling us that she hasn't done a good job with prayer. And so this week we will be focusing on prayer.
We had a fireside at the Sherbals house again last Friday. It went really well! We are getting some people that are really interested. This has been a really great way of doing missionary work! We are able to have a nice, Long, discussion that otherwise we wouldn't have had. It is really a great thing! And probably the best part was that sister Sherbal made cafe Rio!! I have not had Mexican food in like.. well since i left the MTC. So it tasted sooooo good, and we had home made tortillas! sooo good, i think i had 10 burritos. no joke! I knew i probably wouldn't get it again, so i just took advantage!
Well this week was extremely interesting... I got a call on Thur saying that a member wasn't able to make it to sacrament meeting and that she was originally going to give a talk but then they asked me. So I had to give my first talk in Sacrament meeting! haha I was really kinda stressed to say the least. And to add to things, we had a really busy couple of days so i wasn't able to get to it tillSaturday night. And everyone knows writing talks takes a little time, well then add onto that doing it in another language. haha Anyway, it ended up going great! I am sure there was a couple...ok maybe a ton of mistakes, but hey, whatever. Members came up after and actually wanted a copy of my talk! so i guess that was pretty good! It is weird that 8 months ago i would have never guessed i could talk 15 min straight in another language, but well here i am! The language is coming great! It has been nice being in an area where i am forced to use it everyday. In Bari, there were a lot of English investigators, so i didn't use it all the time, but Batti is a little smaller so i use it lots! 
My talk was on the choices that we make everyday in our life. We have big choices and we have small choices, and obviously we pay attention to the big ones cause usually they make an immediate impact in our life. But sometimes we forget the little choices in our life. We cast them off to the side and forget about them. While it is true that to attain salvation we must be in the right church, be baptized, and so on, attaining salvation includes the little things we do also. do we read our scriptures everyday, pray everyday, attend every meeting on Sunday, give service when we can, obey the commandments. Sometimes we justify our actions because maybe we are tired or the timing doesn't seem to suitable. Elder Gay gave a talk where he posed this question, after talking about a story of when he was young and lied about his age to save a nickle at a movie theater, his father asked him "would you sell your soul for a nickle?" Sometimes on Sundays we feel we need more rest, so we skip church... while its true we will get more rest, we are selling our chance for taking the sacrament and being spiritually edified for something that is only temporary, and really we probably don't need. This is the same for any other choice in our life, weather its about the food we eat to the time we spend with our family. If we look at what choice will bring us happiness in the long run, and sacrifice that temporary but small happiness, our life will truly be more gratifying and rewarding! 
Well that is my little spiel about my talk. For P day today we went up the Amalfi cost! it was really pretty and i will send pics! Love you all! Italy is awesome! 
-Anziano Line

2nd week of march

Dear Family,
Well this week has been an exhausting week. Lots of finding, little success, but hey that's the work of a missionary! I love it! I wish i could tell you that we have a baptismal date but we don't. However, I have never seen so much potential in an area than i have seen here in Battipaglia. Its amazing how much potential there is. The problem now that we have to figure out is trying to harvest that potential. We have an English course with so many students that are just so close to taking the discussion. We have a fireside at the Senior Couples house every other Friday, and the majority that come are non members from English course.  They participate in our spiritual thoughts at the end of each English course and some even help with explaining it. We even have one, named junior, that has come to church for the past two weeks, all by himself, for all three hours... and the best part is he is only 13. He is an amazing kid. He is very mature. One night we introduced the Book of Mormon to the English course and set out a bunch of copies for people to take with them. We ended and no one was taking the books. Junior however, not caring what others thought of him, went straight over, grabbed a book, thanked us and left. After he did that others went and grabbed a book! You are probably thinking, well why aren't you teaching him right now???  Haha great question, his parents both work till very late at night, and he has a little sister that he babysits. Because we aren't aloud to enter the house cause they are minor and there is no adult, and he cant leave his sister, it makes it very difficult to meet with him. But we are going to try meeting with him during a hour in church. So that is our plan, but he is a great young man, who has great mission potential. haha He is from Brazil too, and he speaks Portuguese! 
Well that is about the extent of our work right now. It is hopeful, and that is all the matters. Elder Duffin and I are working hard. We also play hard too! haha Our last P-day we went to Pompei! It was super cool! Pompei is a really neat place to see! It is super strange because it is literally a perfectly preserved Roman City. You can walk along the streets that they walked. See the houses they lived in, see what things they did for fun. I will send some pics. I think one of the coolest parts was seeing the frozen people. You can still see the position they were in when the ash fell on them. It is really amazing!
Well I hope all is well in Utah! I miss you all! GO find someone that needs the Gospel! There is a contagious trend going on called Missionary work! Go catch it! Find someone that just needs to feel the love of God in there life, whether it is a less active or a non member. Either way, its doing the work of the Lord! I know the Lord will bless you and Help you with this work! I see his hand everyday in this work! He is there and willing to help and all we have to do is ask and put forth the effort, he will provide the rest! Love y'all! Salute da Battipaglia! 
-Anziano Line

Sorry it's been a while. Written the first week of march

Dear Family,
Anyway, so Battipaglia, pronounced Boughtypaulya, is really awesome!! I am really excited to serve here. So these are some questions Mom wants me to answer
Anything happen on the trip there?
1. So my trip to my new area... We i went on a bus with another elder that was going to Napoli, and on the bus ride, we were just talking the whole time with each other when all of a sudden the women in front of us started talking to us in English and we were really surprised to hear her speak, and so we started talking to her and before we knew it another person by us started talking to us in English and we were really really surprised then. so we talked to them about who we are and what we are doing here and a little about the church, and then more people started talking to us and eventually everyone around us was talking to us. Some in English and some in Italian and we just talked about life, our church and we found out that they knew a lot about our church. Unfortunately we had to just leave them with pass along cards, but hey, its always fun to listen and talk to people. So after the bus ride, we arrived in Napoli, (and if you know anything about Napoli (Naples) it is a really bad place. An apostle deemed it as the 2nd most sinful city in the world second to Rio in Brazil. So me and my travel comp are at the station, and we have no idea about Napoli cause we have never been there, and we don't have a phone, and our comps were supposed to pick us up but they are not there and we have all our luggage and we are just screaming out Americans. So idk, there is just something about being in a really sketchy city known for stealing and pick pocketing, with all your belongings, no cell phone to contact anyone, and not knowing where to go. haha. So we just waited and waited and eventually our comps came. Luckily i didn't lose anything and all my stuff made it safe to Battipaglia! 
Who is your knew companion?
2. My new Comp is Anziano Duffin. He is from sandy and went to Alta high and then 1 year of the UofU. Funny story, Anziano Duffin was actually one of Dads institute students at the U. He remembers him really well, and tells me that he loved his class! He also said that he was really funny and I told him that funny might be a bit of a stretch! (luv ya DAD) . :) haha. The best part is I had my call and Dad told him to text me and tell me that we were going to be in the same mission. (by the way, he is one transfer ahead of me) So i remember getting a text from an unknown number saying "hey your dad is my institute teacher and he said that we are going to the same mission and told me to text you and say hi." I remember thinking, hmmm who is this weirdo texting me... and i didn't respond. haha Little did i know we would be comps! But he is really an awesome guy! He is great with the Language and is a hard worker, so we should get some good work done here!
What happen with Daniel, and did his baptism go through?  
3. Sadly, the baptism of Daniel had to be post-poned, until he could get a interview from our Mission President. But he is completely ready for baptism and should be baptized within the next couple of weeks. We taught him all the lessons and he loves the church! He comes every week! I am really sad that i wont get to see the baptism, he wanted me to baptize him but then we found out i was leaving. He was sad but still wants to be baptized, so that is good! haha
Well Battipaglia is really cool! I am excited to serve here! We had an activity in the Branch and we got a lot of potential investigators as long as the investigators that we have right now. So there is lots of work to be done! Also some fun too... there are really pretty surrounding areas that we get to visit for p-day! Today we are taking a hike up to an old castle on a mountain! 
Well love y'all, I hope that you all have a great week! I cant believe that it is already March! Time has flown by! Love y'all
Anziano Line

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Elder Line's First Baptism!

Dear Family,
Well this week was probably one of the most stressful weeks, and also one of the most rewarding weeks i have ever had on the mission! We had Henry's baptism this week and it went great! Preparing for it wasn't the funnest time ever... but actually having it finally was a great feeling!  After he was baptized, he gave his testimony and it was one of the most spiritual testimonies i have ever heard. It wasn't complex, it wasn't super long with stories, but he got up and told what he knew and how he came to know it. By the end I was about to cry! It was a great experience, one that i will never forget.
We have another investigator that is ready for baptism, and should be baptized within the next two weeks. He just needs a baptismal interview and he should be good. His name is Daniel and he is a member referral. We are excited to prepare for another baptism!
Well not much is going on here. This week is the transfer calls! i am excited, so next letter i will tell y'all where i will be going! Well I hope that you guys have a good Valentines Day! 
Anziano Line! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Letter!!!!!

Dear Family,
Well great news- Henry is getting baptized this Saturday!! I am really excited. He has his baptismal interview and passed and now he is really excited. I think may be a little more excited... haha. I guess to make things even better, he asked me to baptize him! I guess it is really true, that even though there are a lot of discouraging parts of the mission, it is moments like these that just make everything else bearable. I hope all goes well with the baptism. It is a little tricky, because the ward is Italian and he speaks English. I am not sure exactly which language we will do the meeting in. Anyway, I will send pics next week of the baptism. I really have a testimony that God is preparing people for us to teach. I don't know if i have already told the story of how we found Henry but here it is.

So it all started with Nickolace (the one that we did the Christmas for.) We had a lesson with him, and we talked about the Holy Ghost. As we talked with him, I had the prompting to give him the spare book of Mormon that we carry with us to go finding, and told him to pray about who he should give it to, or to pray to find someone to give it to. A week or so went by and we got a call from Nickolace saying that he gave the Book away to his friend and that he wanted to meet with us. He gave us Henry's number and we called him to teach him. We met with him and one of the first Questions we asked was "what do you want to do in this life" and he told us that he wanted to become a Man of God. I was really touched by this.  As we continued to meet with him, there was never arguing about doctrine that comes with other investigators that i have had. But instead, he went forward with faith, praying about what we talked to him about and receiving an answer that it was true. I am glad that I was here from the start because i got to see how his progression as he applied the teachings of Christ in his life. This experience has really shown me that 1. true conversion doesn't take arguing over doctrine until one agrees, but instead all it takes is going to the one that knows it all, God, and asking him and receiving an answer via the Holy Ghost. 2. God is preparing people for us, and all it takes is our part in putting forth the effort to find them. 3. Always listen to the promptings of the spirit. even if you don't see immediate results, there was a purpose in the prompting, I am glad that i listened to the prompting to give Nickolace a Book of Mormon, if it weren't for that prompting i don't think we would have ever met Henry. I know Gods hand is in this work. Ive seen it during my mission so far, and i hope to continue to see it. I love you all and thought i would leave you with a funny experience this week.
i locked my comp out on our patio (just goofing around) and he was pounding on the glass door to get back in and i was standing right there and just as i was about to open it he smashed through the window and i got a face full of glass. haha my whole face was bleeding and i had to pick out all the glass pieces from my face. One piece got really close to my eye, i think i got some guardian angles protecting me. haha but after i cleaned up, i looked at it and all the cuts were just tiny little cuts and you can barely see them. haha. but that is my funny story..  so moral of the story is don't clown around, bad things happen :)
Love y'all!
-Anziano Line

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jan. 27th

Dear Family, 
This week has been quite the week... So many ups and so many downs. So i guess in the end it has just turned out to be a normal week. Our work here is Bari is growing, however like always it is difficult to keep it growing and making sure all of our investigators do what they have to do. 
So as you know we have an investigator that will be baptized soon. The problem is that we have not been able to get a hold of him, and his interview is tomorrow. I am hoping that we will be able to meet with him soon. We have tried 3 times this week to get a hold of him. I was a bit frustrated and worried because going a week without seeing or hearing from an investigator, especially one that wants to be baptized, is really scary. Luckily we got a hold of him and found out that he has been really sick and that he still wants to be baptized. So i am still happy :) 
We are teaching two other Africans right now, both referrals from ward members. (Nickolas and Daniel, the two we did the Christmas thing for). This week we set baptismal dates with them! We are very excited for both of them. The first one is Mark, and he is really awesome! The way we got in contact with him was a missionary in Bari (cause there are 4 of us) found him originally in Malta.   He tried teaching him but couldn't get a hold of him after the first initial contact.  The missionary was transferred here and one day they were doing " findings" and he saw Mark and thought he recognized him and it turns out that he was the same man from Malta... which is really rare cause Malta is really small so what are the chances?... So that is probably one of the coolest miracles that I have seen and I am grateful that I get to be a part of this! 
The next investigator is Daniel, and he is a friend of the other Daniel, the member one. He plays soccer and is really good, but that is compared to me, and I am horrible, so.. boo :) haha -Anyway, the lesson that we had was pretty amazing. The previous lesson that we had with him, we asked him to pray about baptism, because we had originally invited him. We talked with him again about it at the beginning of the discussion but he was still unsure.. so we just continued with the lesson about the Plan of Salvation, and it was amazing as we saw his understanding grow about why we are here and the spirit was so strong and he asked questions and we answered with the Book of Mormon. By the end, he was so excited to be baptized because he understood the significance of it. I am so grateful for the spirit. It plays such a huge role, not in just testifying to the person, but also enlightening their understanding. 
Well that is our work. Bari is nice, my comp is a thug and he is watching me write this andfnaisdfgobisal.. -That was him.. haha :) Right now. blood oranges are in season, and they taste sooooo good!! I wish you all could try some! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Love y'all!
-Anziano Line

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First letter in 2014

Dear Family,
This week has gone by so fast. Time just flies by during the Holidays as you are hurrying from one place to another. We are officially in 2014 now! I am now in my Black year, (the year of your mission when you don't exist in America.) New years was great fun! In Italy, the celebration for the new year is pretty big, just like in America. There are lots of fireworks that go off and bombs that make loud noises. It felt like you were in war New years eve cause tons of bombs were just going off. We stayed up till 1200 to celebrate new years, we played chess and checkers and played guitar! It was a pretty fun night! The next day we were able to sleep in, and then we cleaned all day. Jan 1st is the day set apart for the whole mission to do deep cleaning in their apartments. That was not really fun, but our apartment is really clean! haha :)
Well Transfer calls came on Saturday and ready..... I am Staying in Bari!! I do however get a new companion and will be taking over Bari Poggiofranco. My trainer got transferred to Sardegna  , Sassari. My new companion will be Anziano Rivera from California. i feel bad cause we have a Baptismal date with an investigator that is pretty serious and my companion wont see the baptism. I am excited that i will get to see it!
Speaking of that investigator, his name is Henry! He is from Ghana and is a pretty unique African. He plays Golf and is a computer Programmer! He speaks really good English and is really intelligent! We found him through a new convert member. One of our Africans named Nikolas. We had a lesson with Nikolas and felt like we should give him a Book of Mormon to share with one of his friends. Henry was the friend that he gave the book to. We met up with him, and he loves the church! He has come to church and loves the teachings. He is very excited and committed to his baptismal date and talks about it every time he is with us! I am very excited and hope that everything works out with him!
Well That is all for now! The work is picking up in Italy! We have a great Mission President that is emphasizing that we are a baptizing mision, and we have already seen the fruits of this, our mission is picking up in baptisms more and more each week! I am excited for this future year! Love y'all! Happy 2014!
-Anziano Line