Sunday, January 12, 2014

First letter in 2014

Dear Family,
This week has gone by so fast. Time just flies by during the Holidays as you are hurrying from one place to another. We are officially in 2014 now! I am now in my Black year, (the year of your mission when you don't exist in America.) New years was great fun! In Italy, the celebration for the new year is pretty big, just like in America. There are lots of fireworks that go off and bombs that make loud noises. It felt like you were in war New years eve cause tons of bombs were just going off. We stayed up till 1200 to celebrate new years, we played chess and checkers and played guitar! It was a pretty fun night! The next day we were able to sleep in, and then we cleaned all day. Jan 1st is the day set apart for the whole mission to do deep cleaning in their apartments. That was not really fun, but our apartment is really clean! haha :)
Well Transfer calls came on Saturday and ready..... I am Staying in Bari!! I do however get a new companion and will be taking over Bari Poggiofranco. My trainer got transferred to Sardegna  , Sassari. My new companion will be Anziano Rivera from California. i feel bad cause we have a Baptismal date with an investigator that is pretty serious and my companion wont see the baptism. I am excited that i will get to see it!
Speaking of that investigator, his name is Henry! He is from Ghana and is a pretty unique African. He plays Golf and is a computer Programmer! He speaks really good English and is really intelligent! We found him through a new convert member. One of our Africans named Nikolas. We had a lesson with Nikolas and felt like we should give him a Book of Mormon to share with one of his friends. Henry was the friend that he gave the book to. We met up with him, and he loves the church! He has come to church and loves the teachings. He is very excited and committed to his baptismal date and talks about it every time he is with us! I am very excited and hope that everything works out with him!
Well That is all for now! The work is picking up in Italy! We have a great Mission President that is emphasizing that we are a baptizing mision, and we have already seen the fruits of this, our mission is picking up in baptisms more and more each week! I am excited for this future year! Love y'all! Happy 2014!
-Anziano Line

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