Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Letter!!!!!

Dear Family,
Well great news- Henry is getting baptized this Saturday!! I am really excited. He has his baptismal interview and passed and now he is really excited. I think may be a little more excited... haha. I guess to make things even better, he asked me to baptize him! I guess it is really true, that even though there are a lot of discouraging parts of the mission, it is moments like these that just make everything else bearable. I hope all goes well with the baptism. It is a little tricky, because the ward is Italian and he speaks English. I am not sure exactly which language we will do the meeting in. Anyway, I will send pics next week of the baptism. I really have a testimony that God is preparing people for us to teach. I don't know if i have already told the story of how we found Henry but here it is.

So it all started with Nickolace (the one that we did the Christmas for.) We had a lesson with him, and we talked about the Holy Ghost. As we talked with him, I had the prompting to give him the spare book of Mormon that we carry with us to go finding, and told him to pray about who he should give it to, or to pray to find someone to give it to. A week or so went by and we got a call from Nickolace saying that he gave the Book away to his friend and that he wanted to meet with us. He gave us Henry's number and we called him to teach him. We met with him and one of the first Questions we asked was "what do you want to do in this life" and he told us that he wanted to become a Man of God. I was really touched by this.  As we continued to meet with him, there was never arguing about doctrine that comes with other investigators that i have had. But instead, he went forward with faith, praying about what we talked to him about and receiving an answer that it was true. I am glad that I was here from the start because i got to see how his progression as he applied the teachings of Christ in his life. This experience has really shown me that 1. true conversion doesn't take arguing over doctrine until one agrees, but instead all it takes is going to the one that knows it all, God, and asking him and receiving an answer via the Holy Ghost. 2. God is preparing people for us, and all it takes is our part in putting forth the effort to find them. 3. Always listen to the promptings of the spirit. even if you don't see immediate results, there was a purpose in the prompting, I am glad that i listened to the prompting to give Nickolace a Book of Mormon, if it weren't for that prompting i don't think we would have ever met Henry. I know Gods hand is in this work. Ive seen it during my mission so far, and i hope to continue to see it. I love you all and thought i would leave you with a funny experience this week.
i locked my comp out on our patio (just goofing around) and he was pounding on the glass door to get back in and i was standing right there and just as i was about to open it he smashed through the window and i got a face full of glass. haha my whole face was bleeding and i had to pick out all the glass pieces from my face. One piece got really close to my eye, i think i got some guardian angles protecting me. haha but after i cleaned up, i looked at it and all the cuts were just tiny little cuts and you can barely see them. haha. but that is my funny story..  so moral of the story is don't clown around, bad things happen :)
Love y'all!
-Anziano Line

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