Monday, March 24, 2014

3rd week of march

Dear Family! 
Well this week has been another great week! I cant believe we are on the flip side of March... time is going by so fast! Sometimes i catch myself when something isn't going the best or it was a hard day, and i think... Hey, I am in Italy, on a mission... what could be better! Well a little update on the work-
Well our work is going good! Our numbers this week were a little better than they have been! So overall it wasn't too bad of a week. Our work right now is still slow, but i can feel it ready to explode any second. Update on Junior. Well he came again to church this week. He has come for three weeks in a row and we still ha vent made him an investigator. He is awesome but he is so hard to meet with! I explained the situation in my last email, but anyways, there is a member in our ward that is friends with his family, and she just got back from vacation. So we talked to her and she said that she will help us get into the house to meet with him. He is Golden! We just have to be patient. We even heard from the member that the mom passed by his room and saw him reading the Book of Mormon and it made his mom really happy! So I think the parents should be on board, and ultimately, the goal is to teach his whole family.
Well our other Investigator that is still going strong is Anita. Anita is still having trouble accepting that God is a loving father in heaven. She has had a lot of traumatic experiences in her life that have made her believe this. We are helping her to see that we have a father that loves us very much, and that bad things don't happen because he wants to punish us, but happen because of the decisions of man. She ended up telling us that she hasn't done a good job with prayer. And so this week we will be focusing on prayer.
We had a fireside at the Sherbals house again last Friday. It went really well! We are getting some people that are really interested. This has been a really great way of doing missionary work! We are able to have a nice, Long, discussion that otherwise we wouldn't have had. It is really a great thing! And probably the best part was that sister Sherbal made cafe Rio!! I have not had Mexican food in like.. well since i left the MTC. So it tasted sooooo good, and we had home made tortillas! sooo good, i think i had 10 burritos. no joke! I knew i probably wouldn't get it again, so i just took advantage!
Well this week was extremely interesting... I got a call on Thur saying that a member wasn't able to make it to sacrament meeting and that she was originally going to give a talk but then they asked me. So I had to give my first talk in Sacrament meeting! haha I was really kinda stressed to say the least. And to add to things, we had a really busy couple of days so i wasn't able to get to it tillSaturday night. And everyone knows writing talks takes a little time, well then add onto that doing it in another language. haha Anyway, it ended up going great! I am sure there was a couple...ok maybe a ton of mistakes, but hey, whatever. Members came up after and actually wanted a copy of my talk! so i guess that was pretty good! It is weird that 8 months ago i would have never guessed i could talk 15 min straight in another language, but well here i am! The language is coming great! It has been nice being in an area where i am forced to use it everyday. In Bari, there were a lot of English investigators, so i didn't use it all the time, but Batti is a little smaller so i use it lots! 
My talk was on the choices that we make everyday in our life. We have big choices and we have small choices, and obviously we pay attention to the big ones cause usually they make an immediate impact in our life. But sometimes we forget the little choices in our life. We cast them off to the side and forget about them. While it is true that to attain salvation we must be in the right church, be baptized, and so on, attaining salvation includes the little things we do also. do we read our scriptures everyday, pray everyday, attend every meeting on Sunday, give service when we can, obey the commandments. Sometimes we justify our actions because maybe we are tired or the timing doesn't seem to suitable. Elder Gay gave a talk where he posed this question, after talking about a story of when he was young and lied about his age to save a nickle at a movie theater, his father asked him "would you sell your soul for a nickle?" Sometimes on Sundays we feel we need more rest, so we skip church... while its true we will get more rest, we are selling our chance for taking the sacrament and being spiritually edified for something that is only temporary, and really we probably don't need. This is the same for any other choice in our life, weather its about the food we eat to the time we spend with our family. If we look at what choice will bring us happiness in the long run, and sacrifice that temporary but small happiness, our life will truly be more gratifying and rewarding! 
Well that is my little spiel about my talk. For P day today we went up the Amalfi cost! it was really pretty and i will send pics! Love you all! Italy is awesome! 
-Anziano Line

2nd week of march

Dear Family,
Well this week has been an exhausting week. Lots of finding, little success, but hey that's the work of a missionary! I love it! I wish i could tell you that we have a baptismal date but we don't. However, I have never seen so much potential in an area than i have seen here in Battipaglia. Its amazing how much potential there is. The problem now that we have to figure out is trying to harvest that potential. We have an English course with so many students that are just so close to taking the discussion. We have a fireside at the Senior Couples house every other Friday, and the majority that come are non members from English course.  They participate in our spiritual thoughts at the end of each English course and some even help with explaining it. We even have one, named junior, that has come to church for the past two weeks, all by himself, for all three hours... and the best part is he is only 13. He is an amazing kid. He is very mature. One night we introduced the Book of Mormon to the English course and set out a bunch of copies for people to take with them. We ended and no one was taking the books. Junior however, not caring what others thought of him, went straight over, grabbed a book, thanked us and left. After he did that others went and grabbed a book! You are probably thinking, well why aren't you teaching him right now???  Haha great question, his parents both work till very late at night, and he has a little sister that he babysits. Because we aren't aloud to enter the house cause they are minor and there is no adult, and he cant leave his sister, it makes it very difficult to meet with him. But we are going to try meeting with him during a hour in church. So that is our plan, but he is a great young man, who has great mission potential. haha He is from Brazil too, and he speaks Portuguese! 
Well that is about the extent of our work right now. It is hopeful, and that is all the matters. Elder Duffin and I are working hard. We also play hard too! haha Our last P-day we went to Pompei! It was super cool! Pompei is a really neat place to see! It is super strange because it is literally a perfectly preserved Roman City. You can walk along the streets that they walked. See the houses they lived in, see what things they did for fun. I will send some pics. I think one of the coolest parts was seeing the frozen people. You can still see the position they were in when the ash fell on them. It is really amazing!
Well I hope all is well in Utah! I miss you all! GO find someone that needs the Gospel! There is a contagious trend going on called Missionary work! Go catch it! Find someone that just needs to feel the love of God in there life, whether it is a less active or a non member. Either way, its doing the work of the Lord! I know the Lord will bless you and Help you with this work! I see his hand everyday in this work! He is there and willing to help and all we have to do is ask and put forth the effort, he will provide the rest! Love y'all! Salute da Battipaglia! 
-Anziano Line

Sorry it's been a while. Written the first week of march

Dear Family,
Anyway, so Battipaglia, pronounced Boughtypaulya, is really awesome!! I am really excited to serve here. So these are some questions Mom wants me to answer
Anything happen on the trip there?
1. So my trip to my new area... We i went on a bus with another elder that was going to Napoli, and on the bus ride, we were just talking the whole time with each other when all of a sudden the women in front of us started talking to us in English and we were really surprised to hear her speak, and so we started talking to her and before we knew it another person by us started talking to us in English and we were really really surprised then. so we talked to them about who we are and what we are doing here and a little about the church, and then more people started talking to us and eventually everyone around us was talking to us. Some in English and some in Italian and we just talked about life, our church and we found out that they knew a lot about our church. Unfortunately we had to just leave them with pass along cards, but hey, its always fun to listen and talk to people. So after the bus ride, we arrived in Napoli, (and if you know anything about Napoli (Naples) it is a really bad place. An apostle deemed it as the 2nd most sinful city in the world second to Rio in Brazil. So me and my travel comp are at the station, and we have no idea about Napoli cause we have never been there, and we don't have a phone, and our comps were supposed to pick us up but they are not there and we have all our luggage and we are just screaming out Americans. So idk, there is just something about being in a really sketchy city known for stealing and pick pocketing, with all your belongings, no cell phone to contact anyone, and not knowing where to go. haha. So we just waited and waited and eventually our comps came. Luckily i didn't lose anything and all my stuff made it safe to Battipaglia! 
Who is your knew companion?
2. My new Comp is Anziano Duffin. He is from sandy and went to Alta high and then 1 year of the UofU. Funny story, Anziano Duffin was actually one of Dads institute students at the U. He remembers him really well, and tells me that he loved his class! He also said that he was really funny and I told him that funny might be a bit of a stretch! (luv ya DAD) . :) haha. The best part is I had my call and Dad told him to text me and tell me that we were going to be in the same mission. (by the way, he is one transfer ahead of me) So i remember getting a text from an unknown number saying "hey your dad is my institute teacher and he said that we are going to the same mission and told me to text you and say hi." I remember thinking, hmmm who is this weirdo texting me... and i didn't respond. haha Little did i know we would be comps! But he is really an awesome guy! He is great with the Language and is a hard worker, so we should get some good work done here!
What happen with Daniel, and did his baptism go through?  
3. Sadly, the baptism of Daniel had to be post-poned, until he could get a interview from our Mission President. But he is completely ready for baptism and should be baptized within the next couple of weeks. We taught him all the lessons and he loves the church! He comes every week! I am really sad that i wont get to see the baptism, he wanted me to baptize him but then we found out i was leaving. He was sad but still wants to be baptized, so that is good! haha
Well Battipaglia is really cool! I am excited to serve here! We had an activity in the Branch and we got a lot of potential investigators as long as the investigators that we have right now. So there is lots of work to be done! Also some fun too... there are really pretty surrounding areas that we get to visit for p-day! Today we are taking a hike up to an old castle on a mountain! 
Well love y'all, I hope that you all have a great week! I cant believe that it is already March! Time has flown by! Love y'all
Anziano Line