Monday, March 24, 2014

2nd week of march

Dear Family,
Well this week has been an exhausting week. Lots of finding, little success, but hey that's the work of a missionary! I love it! I wish i could tell you that we have a baptismal date but we don't. However, I have never seen so much potential in an area than i have seen here in Battipaglia. Its amazing how much potential there is. The problem now that we have to figure out is trying to harvest that potential. We have an English course with so many students that are just so close to taking the discussion. We have a fireside at the Senior Couples house every other Friday, and the majority that come are non members from English course.  They participate in our spiritual thoughts at the end of each English course and some even help with explaining it. We even have one, named junior, that has come to church for the past two weeks, all by himself, for all three hours... and the best part is he is only 13. He is an amazing kid. He is very mature. One night we introduced the Book of Mormon to the English course and set out a bunch of copies for people to take with them. We ended and no one was taking the books. Junior however, not caring what others thought of him, went straight over, grabbed a book, thanked us and left. After he did that others went and grabbed a book! You are probably thinking, well why aren't you teaching him right now???  Haha great question, his parents both work till very late at night, and he has a little sister that he babysits. Because we aren't aloud to enter the house cause they are minor and there is no adult, and he cant leave his sister, it makes it very difficult to meet with him. But we are going to try meeting with him during a hour in church. So that is our plan, but he is a great young man, who has great mission potential. haha He is from Brazil too, and he speaks Portuguese! 
Well that is about the extent of our work right now. It is hopeful, and that is all the matters. Elder Duffin and I are working hard. We also play hard too! haha Our last P-day we went to Pompei! It was super cool! Pompei is a really neat place to see! It is super strange because it is literally a perfectly preserved Roman City. You can walk along the streets that they walked. See the houses they lived in, see what things they did for fun. I will send some pics. I think one of the coolest parts was seeing the frozen people. You can still see the position they were in when the ash fell on them. It is really amazing!
Well I hope all is well in Utah! I miss you all! GO find someone that needs the Gospel! There is a contagious trend going on called Missionary work! Go catch it! Find someone that just needs to feel the love of God in there life, whether it is a less active or a non member. Either way, its doing the work of the Lord! I know the Lord will bless you and Help you with this work! I see his hand everyday in this work! He is there and willing to help and all we have to do is ask and put forth the effort, he will provide the rest! Love y'all! Salute da Battipaglia! 
-Anziano Line

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