Monday, March 24, 2014

Sorry it's been a while. Written the first week of march

Dear Family,
Anyway, so Battipaglia, pronounced Boughtypaulya, is really awesome!! I am really excited to serve here. So these are some questions Mom wants me to answer
Anything happen on the trip there?
1. So my trip to my new area... We i went on a bus with another elder that was going to Napoli, and on the bus ride, we were just talking the whole time with each other when all of a sudden the women in front of us started talking to us in English and we were really surprised to hear her speak, and so we started talking to her and before we knew it another person by us started talking to us in English and we were really really surprised then. so we talked to them about who we are and what we are doing here and a little about the church, and then more people started talking to us and eventually everyone around us was talking to us. Some in English and some in Italian and we just talked about life, our church and we found out that they knew a lot about our church. Unfortunately we had to just leave them with pass along cards, but hey, its always fun to listen and talk to people. So after the bus ride, we arrived in Napoli, (and if you know anything about Napoli (Naples) it is a really bad place. An apostle deemed it as the 2nd most sinful city in the world second to Rio in Brazil. So me and my travel comp are at the station, and we have no idea about Napoli cause we have never been there, and we don't have a phone, and our comps were supposed to pick us up but they are not there and we have all our luggage and we are just screaming out Americans. So idk, there is just something about being in a really sketchy city known for stealing and pick pocketing, with all your belongings, no cell phone to contact anyone, and not knowing where to go. haha. So we just waited and waited and eventually our comps came. Luckily i didn't lose anything and all my stuff made it safe to Battipaglia! 
Who is your knew companion?
2. My new Comp is Anziano Duffin. He is from sandy and went to Alta high and then 1 year of the UofU. Funny story, Anziano Duffin was actually one of Dads institute students at the U. He remembers him really well, and tells me that he loved his class! He also said that he was really funny and I told him that funny might be a bit of a stretch! (luv ya DAD) . :) haha. The best part is I had my call and Dad told him to text me and tell me that we were going to be in the same mission. (by the way, he is one transfer ahead of me) So i remember getting a text from an unknown number saying "hey your dad is my institute teacher and he said that we are going to the same mission and told me to text you and say hi." I remember thinking, hmmm who is this weirdo texting me... and i didn't respond. haha Little did i know we would be comps! But he is really an awesome guy! He is great with the Language and is a hard worker, so we should get some good work done here!
What happen with Daniel, and did his baptism go through?  
3. Sadly, the baptism of Daniel had to be post-poned, until he could get a interview from our Mission President. But he is completely ready for baptism and should be baptized within the next couple of weeks. We taught him all the lessons and he loves the church! He comes every week! I am really sad that i wont get to see the baptism, he wanted me to baptize him but then we found out i was leaving. He was sad but still wants to be baptized, so that is good! haha
Well Battipaglia is really cool! I am excited to serve here! We had an activity in the Branch and we got a lot of potential investigators as long as the investigators that we have right now. So there is lots of work to be done! Also some fun too... there are really pretty surrounding areas that we get to visit for p-day! Today we are taking a hike up to an old castle on a mountain! 
Well love y'all, I hope that you all have a great week! I cant believe that it is already March! Time has flown by! Love y'all
Anziano Line

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