Sunday, April 27, 2014

april 14

Dear Family,
Well this week was kind of a drag. Not much happened this week as far as investigators. It is really hard to meet with most of our investigators. But we do the best we can. Jr still is coming to church! He is just a little miracle from God! And Anita is slowly taking down her wall.... all investigators have to get around a wall basically... some can crush it, others can climb over it.. and then there is Anita.. who takes it down.. brick by brick. But its all good... we love her and she is coming along! We met a strange guy named Carlo... we aren't sure if he is mafia or what... but either way, some good story is going to come out of this! So if i go missing next week for some reason.. just know i love you all! hahah
Well we went to Reggia today... for all you history buffs... this is the huge palace that was built to verse Versailles. the huge one up in France... and yes it is huge. so i will send pics. 
Well i am excited for Conference! I hope you all are too! Love y'all! I will write a better letter next week! haha 
Anziano Line 

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