Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 14th Letter

Dear Family...
Well this week was an interesting week. Full of lots of finding and helping old men try to quit smoking. haha We are working with 2 old men that are trying to quit smoking! We just barley started the program, so we will see how it goes and I will give you an update next week. 
Our investigators are doing great! they are pretty much at the same spot as they were at the last week. It has been really busy with Easter this past week and Palm Sunday. I don't remember if we recognize Palm Sunday, but its huge here! They all buy olive branches for each other. Secondo me, its just a way to get money out of branches.. haha :) Nevertheless its a great honor to be given a olive branch. We only got one.. so i guess that is how honorary we are :) And also maybe the fact that we are two strange ragazzi from america.. haha 
Well this week I had my record for most lunches at someones house. We only ate at our house 2 this week... I consider this to be a great success because:
1. Italians are much better cooks than us..
2. The food is great when Italians make it
3. Italian food is great! 
So as you can see, there are great advantages to not eating at our house. I guess also, its a great way to share the gospel. haha Okay actually that is the main reason, not for the food. We have some great potential investigators coming on the horizon! We just need to make them investigators! Anyway, I made up a riddle this week and i am pretty proud of it. here it is.. give it a try and respond back:
When you open me, you close me. When you close me, you open me. What am i? 
Well that is my riddle! Gospels true! Unlike the riddle, its not hard to figure out, its plain and beautiful! ( unless the riddle is easy, then don't compare them(: ) We just have to know how to find the answers. Prayer is a powerful tool and can help us in any moment we need it! I thankful we have a Heavenly Father who is always there for us, and wants to hear and help us! I hope you all have a great week! Happy Easter
-Anziano Line

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