Monday, June 2, 2014

May 19 2014

Dear Family,
Well here's another weird companion connection for you guys. So my comp is Anziano Sorenson. He lives down the hill as if you were going to the Wrights house.. his house is on that hill. Also speaking of the wrights... He has kissed Courtney (my cousin on the Wright side)! hahaha... i just busted up laughing when i heard that!!! He was in Music Man (if you guys remember that play that she was in), and he was the anvil salesman that she kisses to make him shut up!!! hahaha So I thought that was kinda funny... and there's just a lot of other little connections that we have made and people we know... but funny right!!?? 
Anyway, hes great and we are having a good time! Batti is still alive! Its kinda stressful taking over an area.. especially one with so many contacts and potentials that you have to remember.. but we are doing good! The  future looks great for this transfer!! This month looks like it will be a baptism record for the mission. We set the record two months ago for this mission at 28 in a month. And this month looks like we might reach our goal of 40 (which when President set the goal, seemed impossible) so we are working hard to get it! But that is a little miracle in it of itself! 
Well funny story of the week!.
We did a lesson with a less active yesterday, and we decided to watch a clip of a talk, and he totally fell asleep... and we turned the TV off and just continued to sleep... so we just sat there trying not to laugh... so i guess we wont be watching any clips anymore.. :) 
Well love y'all! Hope you have a good week! 
- ANziano Line

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