Monday, June 2, 2014

May 26th 2014

Dear Family
Well this week was a little bit of a slow week. It was pretty hot her.. and humid so it adds to it. And we did a lot of finding. So finding+ hotness = not very fun... But its always fun when you find someone willing to talk to you. Italians are the nicest people on the planet. They are soo outgoing. It is almost to much, how out going they are. Here in Napoli, they love Yelling. (your classic Italian like the bippidi bup bop kinda guys you see in movies are based off of Napoli people) There is a man that we see every morning that we have to yell at in the morning! Its the funniest thing ever... his name is Giulio. I am pretty sure he is Nazi and a Mussolini supporter.. but he loves Americans and has a WWII jeep. he is pretty funny... he also has a couple of Porsche's and a Ferrari.. but his favorite car.. the fiat 500. haha Well Italy is awesome! We went to a Cathedral for p-day last week that apparently has the bones of St. Mathews.... but so do lots of other cathedrals in Italy.. so who really has them.. BO? no one knows. :) But it was cool anyway. Well that is my update on Italy..ill send some pics! Well love y'all! GO read the scriptures... they will help you every day! 
-anziano line

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