Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Family
Well this week has been a really long week! haha Anziano Mcintyre is gone now. Kinda weird being back in a duo.  Well this week was a week full of goodbyes as Anziano Mcintyre said goodbye to all the members. It was also a good excuse to see most of our investigators also. So we were able to see most of them.
Giani, who is the excommunicated member is doing great! He is continuing to come to church and has been accepted by the members and might even be dating one..haha, But we are continuing to teach him the lessons under the direction of our Branch President.
Donatella, who is the in active member that has a family is doing good. We are going to try to hold an activity so that she will come because otherwise, she wont come to church. We want to get her connected to the members in the ward.
A tiny miracle this week- we saw Pietro this week. We went into his store and it seemed kind of odd. It seemed as if, this is my interpretation, that he had heard something about Mormons and was not very open to us. Then all of a sudden, two people came into his store that we knew. They talked about how nice Mormons were and that we do service and i could tell that his mood was brightening back up and after he was excited to talk to us. I am excited to start the lessons with him. Right now we are trying to get him to see the differences from our church and the catholic church.
Well transfers were this week and i am saying along with Elder Di Donato. We didn't think there was going to be much of a change. But we are just trying to get along through this summer! We moved all our furniture and beds into the one room with AC so we can stay nice and cool during the summer! I didn't have Ac last year in Bari so this is nice this year! haha. Welll I hope all is going well at home! Love ya guys! Enjoy these last couple weeks before school! :) 
 Anziano Line

July 28, 2014

 Dear family!
Well this week was a great week for us in Cosenza! We had a great scambi with the Zone Leaders and we were able to get a lot of good work done. Probably the highlight was we found a great family! We have been there twice now and we are teaching them and they are a very gospel oriented family. They have 5 kids also, so we are hoping for the best! They are very Catholic but i sense that they are willing and open to other religions. I am excited to get them oriented with the members and the sister missionaries! Our next step with them is to get them to church.
Our less active work is going decently well. We are working with a less active named Donatella and she has a family that is really awesome! So we would like to get her reactivated and baptize the rest of the family!
We are also working with a ex- communicated member. He is awesome and ready to come back. His name is Giani and he was excommunicated for something really strange. But he has been coming to church and coming to all the activities. The best part is he is the brother in law to an investigator of the sisters. So it could be a huge help if he is baptized!
I am excited about the work here in Cosenza! I am excited for this next transfer!
Right now we are in crotone, a city in our zone doing a baptismal interview, and then tonight we are playing paintball with the branch. It is a branch activity and we are playing with them! I am excited! 
This week in church, Anziano Mcintyre and I gave talks. I talked about knowledge, and how we can develop it! It was pretty good! :) haha We also sang a song in sacrament meeting as missionaries. We sang I know My Redeemer lives. It was a beautiful arrangement! We made a couple people cry. I thought about that.. it was the first time someone cried with me singing! I felt pretty good about that! hahaha :) Hopefully she was crying because she felt the spirit.. and not that we were that horrible.. :) 
Well I love y'all, hope all is going good there! Have a great week! 
Anziano Line