Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 19, 2014

Dear Family!
Well this week was a great week. This upcoming week we receive transfer calls. I am sure that I am staying here in Palermo. I am hoping that my comp stays with me! We have really good work and we want to see it through to the end with each other. Plus he is just an awesome guy! Birbergs his name and he’s my Swedish buddy :) 
Anyway, as I was saying, our work is doing really good! We had a baptism last week. His name is Gift Ibrudhabor. He is from Nigeria and is awesome! We go over to his house to do lessons and every time we can feel the spirit so strongly. Also every time he gives us a soda and fried plantain chips to eat… which is actually my favorite snack food now! :) The baptism went very well… usually you are kinda scared about things going wrong, but it all went smoothly. 
We have a couple of other investigators right now. Ike is our closest to being baptized.   He should be baptized in a couple of weeks. We are teaching a couple of others also that are very close. It’s so interesting to see how the work is in this branch compared to other places I have been. The members in this branch share the gospel like you wouldn’t believe. They bring their friends to church and present them to us. I love working with these members because they help along the whole process until baptism! It really helps the work when the members are willing to help. 
Yesterday we had lunch at a member’s house. They prepared us a typical African dish. It is called FuFu... I honestly have no idea how to describe it... go look at pics or something…it’s like a paste… anyway, it was really good! and spicy! haha 
Well my comp is wanting to go to BYU and so he has to take an English test because he is a foreigner. Anyway, we went to this English school, and I sat there watching BBC news for 5 hours while he did the test… haha, it was really weird…and all these Brits around me talking English… I felt so uncivilized with my American accent.. haha :) Anyway, that was my funny moment this week. 
Palermo is awesome!! I love it. The food is great and the people are pretty good! I hope I get to stay here for a while! I heard that it is really cool at Christmas time so I hope to stay till then! 
Well I love you all! Have a great week!   -Anziano Line 

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