Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Family
Well this week was a week absolutely filled with miracles. We worked really hard and we are really tired to be honest...  not to mention that we had the time change here.. but beside that we are happy!! We had some great work and tracting on the street. We probably got about 15 contacts this last week and a new investigator out of it that has real good potential to be baptized. Randomly also we found a less active member that now we are working with! There is a reason that in the back of Preach My Gospel the words TALK TO EVERYONE are bolded. :) 
Well just to tell you a little about our work right now... 
Our main work right now consist of Michele. We met him on the street and he came to church last week and we taught him and he came again to church this week. Last week he was a little emotional at some parts during church which makes me believe that he is feeling the spirit. The fact that he came again this week is just a good sign that he enjoyed what he felt last week.
Our other great investigator is named Nixon, he is Filipino. We also found him on the street doing finding. We were able to meet with him the other day and have a lesson with him. He accepted the baptismal invite. When we set the date he decided that he would need to know some things first before he committed to a date. The next day we called him to see if he had read the assignment we had left with him and he said he had. The next day he was able to find work, which was something he has been worried about for a long time and it was cool as he realized that the lord blessed him!
We also have some other great contacts that we will see this week! So Ill let you know how those meetings go! 
Well this is one of my favorite times of the year! CONFERENCE!!!!! I hope that you are all preparing yourselves for this magnificent time of the year! I Love conference here in the mission! It just makes me so of the reasons being that every talk applies directly to the mission in one way or another! One of my favorite things to do is just read the conference talks, something that i never truly appreciated before my mission! 
Well love y'all! Have a great week! 
-Anziano Line 
Picture 1:  you might recognize this famous landmark if you have seen the movie "Roman Holiday"
Picture 2: Lunch with members...we ate off the table!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 23, 2015

Dear Family,

Well this week was just a great week! You know there is just such a joy that comes from being a missionary and giving it your all to share the Gospel with Others. So many things have happened this week and I wish I could just share everything with you guys!!! haha But here we go, I will try!
We had a Conference this week with Elder Tixiera. (he is the presiding authority for Europe) It was amazing! This man is a Genius! haha but really he was just such a huge help with showing things and explaining things about the work. One of the biggest things that he emphasized was talking to EVERYONE. I have never really been one that will talk to everyone I see. So my companion and I put that to the test. WOW... it works so much better than just picking and choosing. At the end it makes so much more sense to. Why would you limit your options on people to share the Gospel to. I love it!haha I thought it was just amazing. We have met so many more people that have interest in the gospel than we would have ever thought! And even if all these contacts turn into nothing.. you know At least i have the clear conscious that I gave it my all and gave them the chance! You know the secret to missionary work.. really is work. haha I don't know why but this week I have just understood that on such a higher level! So for all you future missionaries.. when you get down on yourself in  the mission and you are "depressed" like Ammon felt... do what he did. 
 "27 Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.

 28 And now behold, we have come, and been forth amongst them; and we have been patient in our sufferings, and we have suffered every privation; yea, we have traveled from house to house, relying upon the mercies of the world—not upon the mercies of the world alone but upon the mercies of God." Alma 26: 27-28

Its pretty amazing to see that even the best missionary in the Book of Mormon got depressed at times.. but he shows us the way to get out of it! I love it! :) 
Well some more news... because of this huge conference.. we had a ton of missionaries.. so we had a great idea! MISSIONARY CHOIR AT THE MOST FAMOUS PIAZZA IN ROME!! haha and they asked me to play the guitar and another sister to play the violin.. that simplified hymn book with the chords came in clutch! haha (Thanks Andra!) I will send you all a picture next time! But anyway, it was sooooooo successful! It was the most successful finding thing that i have ever done. We came out with at least 5 contacts and a couple appointments already fixed. The rest of the missionaries did to. It was amazing We were honestly blessed! Not only that but it was super fun! haha :) I had like random Italians and tourist taking pics with me! haha :) 
Well all is going well here in Italy! I love you all! Have a great week! 
- Anziano Line  

March 9, 2015

Dear Family,
 This week was really long. We did an exchange with some greenies... and i was with an elder from Uruguay. he didn't speak any English and spoke no Italian. He went to Madrid for some reason so his mtc was only 2 weeks and he learned no Italian... haha needless to say it was quite difficult communicating sometimes. It was really interesting though because i was able to understand a little of what he said. i picked up a lot more than what i thought i would.
 We had transfers this week and because we were in Rome we were helping all week with them. Then at the end the inevitable happened and my comp and I got sick. :( haha so we are a bit under the weather right now but its all good because our boss investigator came back and so we can start teaching him.
This week Elder Allen of the Seventy came to our mission to do some training. It was a great training session and we got to see a lot of our mission friends. Its crazy because in the next two transfers we are having 2 more mission conferences.. its crazy!!! 
Well miracle of the week- 
I think if one new about transfers in our mission and how crazy they are and by the end everyone somehow is where they need to be, that would be enough to know this church is true. Think about it.. every transfer about 1/3 if not more of the mission is transferred. Which means (and these are estimates) that's about 70 missionaries that have to travel, 140 missionaries that have to go with there comp to some point, 210 pieces of luggage, and to add on to that, everyone must travel with another person making the travel plans a little chaotic to get traveling missionaries together. Well this week was transfer week and Anziano Jones and I were helping people get to where they needed to be because usually people don't know Rome or need help with bags. Anyway, we decided to take a bus to the main station which puts us at the front of the station instead of a metro which puts us in the station directly. We were told to get three sisters coming in. So we get to the front of the station and lo and behold there is an elder and sister standing there that no one was expecting to be there. There ZL had told them the wrong day to travel and no was there to get them, and its pretty late at night... they had never been in Rome and didn't know any of the numbers... so basically they were stuck and by chance we found them and all was OK! haha ...transfers! hahaha 
Well I hope you guys have a great week! Love y'all! 

March 1, 2015

Dear Family,
Well these past couple of weeks have been crazy! Transfer calls were this week and my greenie and I are staying here! We live with the assistants and one of my best friends in the mission just got called as one of the assistants, so we are roommates and its been great so far! 
Well to update you on the work... well there really is not much... and so that is the update.. lots of finding and more finding. 
Now to update you on the mission and the funner stuff... One night my greenie and I were doing finding and it was pretty dark out and so we were walking and saw this huge field so we decided to go down into it... well we started walking and once we were in the middle i looked around and noticed that it was really strange. It had a ring around it and just like gravel in the ring... so we walked some more and then it hit me.. we were walking in the circo massimo... hahahah one of the most famous spots in Rome! It was where they held the chariot  races back in the olden times! haha Unfortunately we didn't find anyone to accept the gospel there! haha Well I am still working on meeting with the Pope... as soon as this band on the catholic sites and Jewish sites goes off.... i Will try to slip a book of Mormon in there.. haah :) Well I love you all and hope you are having a great week! Always share your testimony! I gave a talk on missionary work this last week and I used my favorite quote.- Always share the gospel, and when necessary, use words! Have a great week! :)

-Anziano Line 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Recent Pictures

January 5th 2015

Dear Family,
Well i can't believe that its already 2015.. is this the year that Back to the future people lived in?? i think we should have floating skateboards by now.. humanity is a let down! :( haha 
Anyway, I hope that you all had a great new years! Big news for the week... WE HAD SNOW HERE IN PALERMO! Yes that's right, for a brief moment my tropical paradise was like Utah-ish. haha On wed we had enough snow to build a mini snowman. The funny thing is that it never snows here. The people didn't know what to do. I talked to this really old member and he said he has only seen it snow 2 other times in his life here in Palermo and this was the worst one. haha Everything just Shut down and pretty sure the car accident increased like 400% that day, sirens non stop! it was pretty funny. It was not really fun to walk in though.. so respect to all the missionaries up north! I have officially become a baby to cold weather! I don't like it. i lost my Utah cold weather skin. Me and my comp (who is from Arizona and doesn't like the cold either) we had like our main heater going and the water heater thingys going and tons of blankets... but it was fun! 
Well this week we did some work in another city. We had a district blitz and then later on in the week we did a mostra on the street. We did a huge chalk drawing while the rest of us elders and sisters talked to people that were staring at the chalk drawing.... chalk is actually a really good way to get peoples attention! it works well! Ill try to send pics! 
Well I hope that you have a great week this week! Share the Gospel with someone you don't know! that is my invite.. its a new year and that means a new opportunities ahead of us! Love y'all!
-Anziano Line 

December 29th

Dear Family,
Well this has been a great last two weeks. We are seeing so many blessings in our Area and our District. To Start of first we had the baptism of Stanley. He was baptized on the 20th. It was a great baptism and really just the way to start off the Christmas festivals.
Secondly, many miracles happened this week. The first happened at the beginning of the week. A member called us up and told us about her son that is very in active in the church and that recently he has been feeling to come back to church and wanted to meet with the missionaries. So she told us to come over the next day and we had a lesson. It went great! We showed him the video "he is the gift" and by the end he was crying! The spirit was really strong. So now we are working with him.
Another miracle that came this week was when we did an Activity for Palermo 3. We had an American BBQ and we were grilling outside and we saw a father and the son just standing outside the gate of the church. We went over there and talked to them and invited them to come eat with us and they came! They seem like great potentials and want to come to church. Unfortunately yesterday was pretty bad weather wise so they were un able to make it. but they said they will come next week.
Another miracle that we saw was from a referral from Palermo 1. We met him and his friend at the station and had a quick introductory lesson. The next day was Sunday and him and his Friend came to church, We went and picked them up at the station and took the bus to the church. They really enjoyed it, so we are excited for them and hopefully they make progression!

Well Christmas was great!  We chilled at a members house and played games and ate food. I made some home made salsa and it was great! (there is no Mexican food in Italy,, so salsa was amazing) The movies that we watched were Lego movie and Frozen. Great Movies! Either Lego was super duper awesome or it was just that i hadn't seen really anything for like a year, but Lego made me get emotional at the end! haha (i blame it on the salsa) :) The next day like i said, we had a American BBQ and we cooked hamburgers and chicken wings and we made rice crispies (another thing that you cannot find here but we searched hard!) in fact we took them around to our members because we made a lot! haha I saw the marshmallows and bought like 7 bags! :) Everyone loved them! :)
Anyway, Today for our District I organized a blitz in one of the areas so all the district is here right now and for P-day today we played soccer together! It was great, i am really tired! haha! So that's about it! I love all of you and thank you for your prayers and letters these past few weeks! Have a Great NEW YEARS!!!

December 15, 2014

Dear Family,
Well I got my new comp! His name is Anziano Slade! and since you all want to know about him here we go
Anziano Slade
From Arizona, mesa to be exact
about my height
in the mission for about 6 months now, this is his second area
Mexican food is his favorite food
favorite band is Coldplay..  
played football and did track in high school
(we had a tournament my Jr year in Arizona at his high school haha) 
anyway, that is my comp in a nutshell! haha you asked for details you get them! haha anyway, he is a great guy and we will do some good work together! 
Speaking of work, we have a baptism this Saturday! Stanley is getting baptized! So we are excited about that! He has been the most dedicated investigator i have ever seen. For the last like 13 weeks he has come to church on time and stayed the whole time week in and week out.. So we are excited for him. Its amazing to see how the Lord blesses this branch, it was opened just 6 months ago and its growing! I am just grateful to be a part of it!.
Well for this Christmas season we are doing a lot of fun things! We have been doing a choir every Sunday with the young adults here in a huge piazza and the missionaries go around talking to people as the stop and listen. We have gotten some really good contacts out of it. I LOVE THIS SEASON!! Well have a great week everyone!!! LOVE Y'ALL
-Anziano Line

December 2

December 2, 2014
Dear Family,
Well this week has been a pretty crazy week! This last week we literally had no time, which is pretty awesome when you can have a week with no extra time. Those are the type of weeks you want! :) 
Anyway, to start off the week we had a great P-day! The next day was the beginning of zone Conference with our interviews with President. Then we had to hurry off to our English course and then do a lesson that night on the opposite side of town. Luckily the Italian Buses were on our side that night and we made it. The next day we had our Zone Conference which takes up most of the day. It was a great zone conference! Still nothing yet on face book and ipads... darn.. But it was still very inspirational and I took many great things from it! We did a lot of role playing... apparently that is the new way of getting better as a missionary because our mission has been emphasizing it, so to all you future missionaries.. just do role playing!! It will help :) 
The next day, we had service and helped a family move into a house. We went with the family to the house they were living in and helped them get all there stuff. I thought that they would be moving into a nicer home seeing as this home was pretty destroyed and small. This family has 4 kids, all of which are teens and the oldest just left on a mission a couple of days ago. To my surprise, when we arrived at the house they would be living in, or should i say apartment, i discovered that it was even smaller then what they had had. An apartment consisting of 1 bedroom, a small kitchen, one bathroom, and one closet. This was the day of thanksgiving and I don't think Ive quite ever had one like that. I don't think i was ever more grateful for that which had then in that moment that thanksgiving day. The thing was, that the family wasn't complaining. They were happy to get out of the house they were in last. It was just amazing to me to see the gratitude that this family had, and was a strong lesson that i learned that day, one that i wont forget. 
The next day we began our long "road trip". We went to do exchanges with a really small town in the middle of the island called mistretta. It was the cutest little town ya ever did see. Typical small Italian town with just old people in it. haha It had the smell of campfire throughout the town because its all the way up in the mountains and its a little chilly. So it was great and reminded me of Utah! We saw a couple of people and members and had a great time, and helped them out with there work. 
The next day which was a Sat. we headed to another small town called Enna with these elders (they have a car so it was really nice) and we did the first part of Stake Conference that night. Our stake is the whole island of Sicilia. So this year stake conference was held on the whole other side of the island. So they did the sat session in this small city in the middle of the island so its easier for everyone to get to, then we went to the complete opposite side to Catania to so the Sun session. Stake Conferences are fun because you get to see a lot of missionaries! So we stayed in Catania sat and Sunday and Monday. (Our President made a rule that we cant travel on Sunday so we had to stay there that night, and we were alright with that (:!! )  Monday came (yesterday) and it was our P-day, so we did it there in Catania. Because all the elders were already there, we organized soccer and had a great game (I am really sore right now, really out of shape!) haha :) I gotta say soccer is pretty fun to play and i am slowly but surly getting better at it! 
Well later on in the p-day, we went to America! No joke.. it was great! Ok, it was actually a military base, but same thing, it felt like America. An elder that we were with in the car is an army brat and could get us on the navy base. So needless to say we went and got some subway, then we stocked up on lots of American food!! It was great! Its always weird to see Americans! 
So this all happened yesterday and last night we traveled back to mistretta, that small town and this morning we came back to Palermo with the same elders to do our district meeting that we have every Tues. It was the birthday of one of the elders in our district and he wanted an American burger so we went to this restaurant for lunch like an hour ago that was like the old wild west (Italians love the wild west) and we had a burger! It was great! And that finished off our huge trip! 
Things like that don't happen very often in the mission! It was really fun and I enjoyed every minute of it! Well I hope you enjoyed hearing every detail about my week! haha Love Y'all and hope you have a great week! :)
Anziano Line 

November 2

Dear Family,
Well this week was a great week! We had the baptism of Ike on Saturday! It was a great day full of the spirit! It took 3 times to get Ike all the way down, and he hit his head the first time, but in the end he was baptized :) Its amazing to see the work being done here in Palermo, more specifically by the members. I wish I could take credit for this, but if it weren't for the members none of this success would be happening right now. 
We are excited because we have 3 more investigators that should be baptized soon! 
Stanley is the first one. He has come to church now for the past 5-6 weeks without fail. We are just helping along to get an answer of the restoration of the gospel. We were not able to meet with him last week due to scheduling problems, however this week we will meet with him. We are excited because he is really reading the Book of Mormon with intent. 
Our other two investigators are Mark and Apphia. We are just at the beginning process with them. We hope to be able to set dates with them both this week. Apphia is having trouble coming to church so we are trying to work out a way to help him come. Ike, the man who was just baptized is friends with him, so we are hoping that they can come together. 
We are also working with our less actives and new converts. Gift, the man who was baptized a couple weeks ago is doing great! He received the priesthood the other day and our lessons with him are some of the best ones i have had on the mission. 
We are working with a less active from Palermo 2 named Guilio. Strangely enough we are helping him come back through ping pong. We have invited him to come play ping pong with us and we get members to come every so often and we do a lesson with him before we play. He has been coming back to church and coming to the young adult activities and becoming good friends with the members. So all those hours spent playing ping have paid off!!! God uses our talents to do his work.. even if that is ping pong! :) 
Well work here is going good! Anziano Birberg and I are doing great! We hope that we can do a 3rd one together and keep this work up! 
Also this week, we ate with a member one day this incredible sandwich.. i wish i had a pic.. but basically it was bread, like a pound of meat. and lettuce and tomatoes (for the healthiness). But the meat was like turkey, and bacon. sausage. beef... like everything all together.. haha!! it was great!:)  
Well I love y'all!! have a great week!! 
-Anziano Line