Sunday, January 18, 2015

December 15, 2014

Dear Family,
Well I got my new comp! His name is Anziano Slade! and since you all want to know about him here we go
Anziano Slade
From Arizona, mesa to be exact
about my height
in the mission for about 6 months now, this is his second area
Mexican food is his favorite food
favorite band is Coldplay..  
played football and did track in high school
(we had a tournament my Jr year in Arizona at his high school haha) 
anyway, that is my comp in a nutshell! haha you asked for details you get them! haha anyway, he is a great guy and we will do some good work together! 
Speaking of work, we have a baptism this Saturday! Stanley is getting baptized! So we are excited about that! He has been the most dedicated investigator i have ever seen. For the last like 13 weeks he has come to church on time and stayed the whole time week in and week out.. So we are excited for him. Its amazing to see how the Lord blesses this branch, it was opened just 6 months ago and its growing! I am just grateful to be a part of it!.
Well for this Christmas season we are doing a lot of fun things! We have been doing a choir every Sunday with the young adults here in a huge piazza and the missionaries go around talking to people as the stop and listen. We have gotten some really good contacts out of it. I LOVE THIS SEASON!! Well have a great week everyone!!! LOVE Y'ALL
-Anziano Line

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