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December 2

December 2, 2014
Dear Family,
Well this week has been a pretty crazy week! This last week we literally had no time, which is pretty awesome when you can have a week with no extra time. Those are the type of weeks you want! :) 
Anyway, to start off the week we had a great P-day! The next day was the beginning of zone Conference with our interviews with President. Then we had to hurry off to our English course and then do a lesson that night on the opposite side of town. Luckily the Italian Buses were on our side that night and we made it. The next day we had our Zone Conference which takes up most of the day. It was a great zone conference! Still nothing yet on face book and ipads... darn.. But it was still very inspirational and I took many great things from it! We did a lot of role playing... apparently that is the new way of getting better as a missionary because our mission has been emphasizing it, so to all you future missionaries.. just do role playing!! It will help :) 
The next day, we had service and helped a family move into a house. We went with the family to the house they were living in and helped them get all there stuff. I thought that they would be moving into a nicer home seeing as this home was pretty destroyed and small. This family has 4 kids, all of which are teens and the oldest just left on a mission a couple of days ago. To my surprise, when we arrived at the house they would be living in, or should i say apartment, i discovered that it was even smaller then what they had had. An apartment consisting of 1 bedroom, a small kitchen, one bathroom, and one closet. This was the day of thanksgiving and I don't think Ive quite ever had one like that. I don't think i was ever more grateful for that which had then in that moment that thanksgiving day. The thing was, that the family wasn't complaining. They were happy to get out of the house they were in last. It was just amazing to me to see the gratitude that this family had, and was a strong lesson that i learned that day, one that i wont forget. 
The next day we began our long "road trip". We went to do exchanges with a really small town in the middle of the island called mistretta. It was the cutest little town ya ever did see. Typical small Italian town with just old people in it. haha It had the smell of campfire throughout the town because its all the way up in the mountains and its a little chilly. So it was great and reminded me of Utah! We saw a couple of people and members and had a great time, and helped them out with there work. 
The next day which was a Sat. we headed to another small town called Enna with these elders (they have a car so it was really nice) and we did the first part of Stake Conference that night. Our stake is the whole island of Sicilia. So this year stake conference was held on the whole other side of the island. So they did the sat session in this small city in the middle of the island so its easier for everyone to get to, then we went to the complete opposite side to Catania to so the Sun session. Stake Conferences are fun because you get to see a lot of missionaries! So we stayed in Catania sat and Sunday and Monday. (Our President made a rule that we cant travel on Sunday so we had to stay there that night, and we were alright with that (:!! )  Monday came (yesterday) and it was our P-day, so we did it there in Catania. Because all the elders were already there, we organized soccer and had a great game (I am really sore right now, really out of shape!) haha :) I gotta say soccer is pretty fun to play and i am slowly but surly getting better at it! 
Well later on in the p-day, we went to America! No joke.. it was great! Ok, it was actually a military base, but same thing, it felt like America. An elder that we were with in the car is an army brat and could get us on the navy base. So needless to say we went and got some subway, then we stocked up on lots of American food!! It was great! Its always weird to see Americans! 
So this all happened yesterday and last night we traveled back to mistretta, that small town and this morning we came back to Palermo with the same elders to do our district meeting that we have every Tues. It was the birthday of one of the elders in our district and he wanted an American burger so we went to this restaurant for lunch like an hour ago that was like the old wild west (Italians love the wild west) and we had a burger! It was great! And that finished off our huge trip! 
Things like that don't happen very often in the mission! It was really fun and I enjoyed every minute of it! Well I hope you enjoyed hearing every detail about my week! haha Love Y'all and hope you have a great week! :)
Anziano Line 

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