Sunday, January 18, 2015

December 29th

Dear Family,
Well this has been a great last two weeks. We are seeing so many blessings in our Area and our District. To Start of first we had the baptism of Stanley. He was baptized on the 20th. It was a great baptism and really just the way to start off the Christmas festivals.
Secondly, many miracles happened this week. The first happened at the beginning of the week. A member called us up and told us about her son that is very in active in the church and that recently he has been feeling to come back to church and wanted to meet with the missionaries. So she told us to come over the next day and we had a lesson. It went great! We showed him the video "he is the gift" and by the end he was crying! The spirit was really strong. So now we are working with him.
Another miracle that came this week was when we did an Activity for Palermo 3. We had an American BBQ and we were grilling outside and we saw a father and the son just standing outside the gate of the church. We went over there and talked to them and invited them to come eat with us and they came! They seem like great potentials and want to come to church. Unfortunately yesterday was pretty bad weather wise so they were un able to make it. but they said they will come next week.
Another miracle that we saw was from a referral from Palermo 1. We met him and his friend at the station and had a quick introductory lesson. The next day was Sunday and him and his Friend came to church, We went and picked them up at the station and took the bus to the church. They really enjoyed it, so we are excited for them and hopefully they make progression!

Well Christmas was great!  We chilled at a members house and played games and ate food. I made some home made salsa and it was great! (there is no Mexican food in Italy,, so salsa was amazing) The movies that we watched were Lego movie and Frozen. Great Movies! Either Lego was super duper awesome or it was just that i hadn't seen really anything for like a year, but Lego made me get emotional at the end! haha (i blame it on the salsa) :) The next day like i said, we had a American BBQ and we cooked hamburgers and chicken wings and we made rice crispies (another thing that you cannot find here but we searched hard!) in fact we took them around to our members because we made a lot! haha I saw the marshmallows and bought like 7 bags! :) Everyone loved them! :)
Anyway, Today for our District I organized a blitz in one of the areas so all the district is here right now and for P-day today we played soccer together! It was great, i am really tired! haha! So that's about it! I love all of you and thank you for your prayers and letters these past few weeks! Have a Great NEW YEARS!!!

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