Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 5th 2015

Dear Family,
Well i can't believe that its already 2015.. is this the year that Back to the future people lived in?? i think we should have floating skateboards by now.. humanity is a let down! :( haha 
Anyway, I hope that you all had a great new years! Big news for the week... WE HAD SNOW HERE IN PALERMO! Yes that's right, for a brief moment my tropical paradise was like Utah-ish. haha On wed we had enough snow to build a mini snowman. The funny thing is that it never snows here. The people didn't know what to do. I talked to this really old member and he said he has only seen it snow 2 other times in his life here in Palermo and this was the worst one. haha Everything just Shut down and pretty sure the car accident increased like 400% that day, sirens non stop! it was pretty funny. It was not really fun to walk in though.. so respect to all the missionaries up north! I have officially become a baby to cold weather! I don't like it. i lost my Utah cold weather skin. Me and my comp (who is from Arizona and doesn't like the cold either) we had like our main heater going and the water heater thingys going and tons of blankets... but it was fun! 
Well this week we did some work in another city. We had a district blitz and then later on in the week we did a mostra on the street. We did a huge chalk drawing while the rest of us elders and sisters talked to people that were staring at the chalk drawing.... chalk is actually a really good way to get peoples attention! it works well! Ill try to send pics! 
Well I hope that you have a great week this week! Share the Gospel with someone you don't know! that is my invite.. its a new year and that means a new opportunities ahead of us! Love y'all!
-Anziano Line 

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