Sunday, January 18, 2015

November 2

Dear Family,
Well this week was a great week! We had the baptism of Ike on Saturday! It was a great day full of the spirit! It took 3 times to get Ike all the way down, and he hit his head the first time, but in the end he was baptized :) Its amazing to see the work being done here in Palermo, more specifically by the members. I wish I could take credit for this, but if it weren't for the members none of this success would be happening right now. 
We are excited because we have 3 more investigators that should be baptized soon! 
Stanley is the first one. He has come to church now for the past 5-6 weeks without fail. We are just helping along to get an answer of the restoration of the gospel. We were not able to meet with him last week due to scheduling problems, however this week we will meet with him. We are excited because he is really reading the Book of Mormon with intent. 
Our other two investigators are Mark and Apphia. We are just at the beginning process with them. We hope to be able to set dates with them both this week. Apphia is having trouble coming to church so we are trying to work out a way to help him come. Ike, the man who was just baptized is friends with him, so we are hoping that they can come together. 
We are also working with our less actives and new converts. Gift, the man who was baptized a couple weeks ago is doing great! He received the priesthood the other day and our lessons with him are some of the best ones i have had on the mission. 
We are working with a less active from Palermo 2 named Guilio. Strangely enough we are helping him come back through ping pong. We have invited him to come play ping pong with us and we get members to come every so often and we do a lesson with him before we play. He has been coming back to church and coming to the young adult activities and becoming good friends with the members. So all those hours spent playing ping have paid off!!! God uses our talents to do his work.. even if that is ping pong! :) 
Well work here is going good! Anziano Birberg and I are doing great! We hope that we can do a 3rd one together and keep this work up! 
Also this week, we ate with a member one day this incredible sandwich.. i wish i had a pic.. but basically it was bread, like a pound of meat. and lettuce and tomatoes (for the healthiness). But the meat was like turkey, and bacon. sausage. beef... like everything all together.. haha!! it was great!:)  
Well I love y'all!! have a great week!! 
-Anziano Line 

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