Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 1, 2015

Dear Family,
Well these past couple of weeks have been crazy! Transfer calls were this week and my greenie and I are staying here! We live with the assistants and one of my best friends in the mission just got called as one of the assistants, so we are roommates and its been great so far! 
Well to update you on the work... well there really is not much... and so that is the update.. lots of finding and more finding. 
Now to update you on the mission and the funner stuff... One night my greenie and I were doing finding and it was pretty dark out and so we were walking and saw this huge field so we decided to go down into it... well we started walking and once we were in the middle i looked around and noticed that it was really strange. It had a ring around it and just like gravel in the ring... so we walked some more and then it hit me.. we were walking in the circo massimo... hahahah one of the most famous spots in Rome! It was where they held the chariot  races back in the olden times! haha Unfortunately we didn't find anyone to accept the gospel there! haha Well I am still working on meeting with the Pope... as soon as this band on the catholic sites and Jewish sites goes off.... i Will try to slip a book of Mormon in there.. haah :) Well I love you all and hope you are having a great week! Always share your testimony! I gave a talk on missionary work this last week and I used my favorite quote.- Always share the gospel, and when necessary, use words! Have a great week! :)

-Anziano Line 

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