Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 9, 2015

Dear Family,
 This week was really long. We did an exchange with some greenies... and i was with an elder from Uruguay. he didn't speak any English and spoke no Italian. He went to Madrid for some reason so his mtc was only 2 weeks and he learned no Italian... haha needless to say it was quite difficult communicating sometimes. It was really interesting though because i was able to understand a little of what he said. i picked up a lot more than what i thought i would.
 We had transfers this week and because we were in Rome we were helping all week with them. Then at the end the inevitable happened and my comp and I got sick. :( haha so we are a bit under the weather right now but its all good because our boss investigator came back and so we can start teaching him.
This week Elder Allen of the Seventy came to our mission to do some training. It was a great training session and we got to see a lot of our mission friends. Its crazy because in the next two transfers we are having 2 more mission conferences.. its crazy!!! 
Well miracle of the week- 
I think if one new about transfers in our mission and how crazy they are and by the end everyone somehow is where they need to be, that would be enough to know this church is true. Think about it.. every transfer about 1/3 if not more of the mission is transferred. Which means (and these are estimates) that's about 70 missionaries that have to travel, 140 missionaries that have to go with there comp to some point, 210 pieces of luggage, and to add on to that, everyone must travel with another person making the travel plans a little chaotic to get traveling missionaries together. Well this week was transfer week and Anziano Jones and I were helping people get to where they needed to be because usually people don't know Rome or need help with bags. Anyway, we decided to take a bus to the main station which puts us at the front of the station instead of a metro which puts us in the station directly. We were told to get three sisters coming in. So we get to the front of the station and lo and behold there is an elder and sister standing there that no one was expecting to be there. There ZL had told them the wrong day to travel and no was there to get them, and its pretty late at night... they had never been in Rome and didn't know any of the numbers... so basically they were stuck and by chance we found them and all was OK! haha ...transfers! hahaha 
Well I hope you guys have a great week! Love y'all! 

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