Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Family
Well this week was a week absolutely filled with miracles. We worked really hard and we are really tired to be honest...  not to mention that we had the time change here.. but beside that we are happy!! We had some great work and tracting on the street. We probably got about 15 contacts this last week and a new investigator out of it that has real good potential to be baptized. Randomly also we found a less active member that now we are working with! There is a reason that in the back of Preach My Gospel the words TALK TO EVERYONE are bolded. :) 
Well just to tell you a little about our work right now... 
Our main work right now consist of Michele. We met him on the street and he came to church last week and we taught him and he came again to church this week. Last week he was a little emotional at some parts during church which makes me believe that he is feeling the spirit. The fact that he came again this week is just a good sign that he enjoyed what he felt last week.
Our other great investigator is named Nixon, he is Filipino. We also found him on the street doing finding. We were able to meet with him the other day and have a lesson with him. He accepted the baptismal invite. When we set the date he decided that he would need to know some things first before he committed to a date. The next day we called him to see if he had read the assignment we had left with him and he said he had. The next day he was able to find work, which was something he has been worried about for a long time and it was cool as he realized that the lord blessed him!
We also have some other great contacts that we will see this week! So Ill let you know how those meetings go! 
Well this is one of my favorite times of the year! CONFERENCE!!!!! I hope that you are all preparing yourselves for this magnificent time of the year! I Love conference here in the mission! It just makes me so of the reasons being that every talk applies directly to the mission in one way or another! One of my favorite things to do is just read the conference talks, something that i never truly appreciated before my mission! 
Well love y'all! Have a great week! 
-Anziano Line 
Picture 1:  you might recognize this famous landmark if you have seen the movie "Roman Holiday"
Picture 2: Lunch with members...we ate off the table!

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